Jim Cole – Complete in Him – 1976

This was an independent release from Jim Cole. It has a nice folk/Jesus Music feel to it and the quality is very high and it surprises me that a record label didn’t pick it up. That said Jim may not have been interested in a record deal we just don’t know. There was two different releases of this album, one with 10 tracks and one with 12. Jim reappeared in the music scene in the 90’s with several on label albums that essentially continued where this album left off. As I said this is a folk/Jesus music offering with the usual sound of the time. As was common with albums of the period there is a Rock tune, a country tune, and a blues tune, which is very good. Surprisingly there is no bluegrass tune. The guitar work is excellent and the vocals are strong so if folk is our thing this album is for you.

1 – Simple Song – 2:08
2 – Time Is Surely Running – 3:30
3 – Humble Yourself – 1:59
4 – Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams – 2:46
5 – The Messiah – 4:24
6 – Give Your Life To Jesus – 3:12
7 – Complete In Him – 2:58
8 – Name His Name – 2:59
9 – Goodbye Grey Days – 2:35
10 – It’s Jesus – 3:54
11 – New Man Tune – 3:47
12 – Your Invitation – 3:27

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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