Holy Right – Stand as One – 1986

I really don’t know where to start with this album. First of all the title track is not even listed on the track listing??? Secondly there is a song with the title of the band name. Right away I knew I was in trouble before even listening to the album. Here we go, the production and engineering are horrible. The band self produced this album and I’m sorry to have to disparage them but there is a reason bands/record labels use producers. This album is the prime example of that. Secondly the engineering/mixing is absolutely pitiful. It really does sound like it was recorded and mixed in a living room. Now let’s talk about the music. There are some songs here that could have worked and I even kind of liked “Stop Killing the Children”. A real producer could have made something out of a few of them but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I really don’t know what Erika Records was thinking when they decided to release this album but a quick look at the album cover should have made them think twice. Oh yea it’s horrible too.

Track Listing:
1 – Stand As One (Unlisted Track)
2 – Satan’s Lies
3 – Living for Eternity
4 – Get Away
5 – Tonight
6 – Satan Leave that Boy Alone
7 – Lies of Men
8 – Holy Right
9 – Stop Killing the Children

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Keith Miles
Arranged by Holy Right
Engineered by Doug Recorded at 3-D Studios
Album Designed by Keith Miles & Liz Franco
Artwork by Mark Miles
Photography by Studio B
Lead Guitar – Sean Silas
Rhythm Guitar – Steve Bell
Bass – Randi Davidson
Drums/Percussion – Chris Garrett
Lead Vocals – Keith Miles
Background Vocals – Holy Right
Holy Right Logo by Keith Miles
Road Crew – Todd Canales, Dan Fazio, Ruben Roman, Gilbert Escobaza, Linda Martinez, Alan “A.J.” Davidson & George Haro

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Author: Ray Mansfield

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