Oden Fong – Invisible Man – 1986

I think this was Oden’s last solo album but I can’t be sure as the information avaiulable is not very good. Oden was originally with the band Mustard Seed Faith who had at least one Jesus Music album in 1975. As I said before, the information is scant and I actually believe there was more than that one album. This album from Oden is a great Pop album and though I missed it on the 80’s it is on my MP3 players regular rotation now. The album credits list a Rob Watson on keyboards but I don’t know of it’s the Daniel Amos Rob Watson.

1 – Invisible Man
2 – Joker In The Age Of Fools
3 – Child Of Confusion
4 – Faith/Action
5 – Culture Shock
6 – Waiting For You
7 – Soldier
8 – Words
9 – So Long Ago
10 – Richman Poorman

Drums – Keith Edwards
Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drums, Vocals – Oden Fong
Mastered – Bernie Grundman
Vocals – Marie McGilvray
Songwriter – Lewis McVay
Engineer – Chris Taylor
Sax – Shawn Waggoner
Keyboards – Rob Watson
Guitar – John Wickham

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

5 thoughts on “Oden Fong – Invisible Man – 1986”

  1. This is from Rob.

    “No – I’m pretty sure Oden did all his own keyboards. I seem to recall he had a Linn-9000, and I think it had midi sequencing. The keys on the track sound kind of like a D-50, and I didn’t own one of those back then.”

    Oden IS referring to this Rob Watson but Rob doesn’t recall doing anything.

    Here is the text from the album. “Keyboards: “Invisible Synths” (“Waiting For You” & “Faith/Action” – Rob Watson and Oden)”

  2. More from Rob.

    “OK – I hear my Prophet V on “Waiting” a bit – but it sounds like Oden did the high zingy stuff on the intro. “Faith…” I hear my Aries 300 on bass. It wasn’t sequenced (no midi on it) – but funny, I can’t visualize the sessions. “

  3. Oden did an album called Come to the Children in 1979 which I picked up new in Vinyl here in Australia – still one of my favourite albums of all time, but I guess it doesn’t quite make the cut for the 80’s

    1. We dabble in the 70’s and “Come to the Children” has a great sound. Stay tuned it will show up 🙂

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