Petra – Captured In Time And Space – 1986

Captured In Time and Space is the first live album from Petra and the last album to feature Greg X. Volz. It was recorded during three separate performances of the band in Tennessee and South Carolina during their 1985 tour. It doesn’t really seem to support any album release in particular but covers several albums of work. Strangely the release of this album was different between the cassette copy, the CD copy, and the LP version. Just to add to this rather strange way of releasing an album, the UK vinyl version is even different than the U.S. version. Rather an odd way (and poor) to release an album in my opinion. The copy here is a hybrid of the LP and CD copies.

1 – Beat The System – 5:02
2 – Computer Brains – 5:01
3 – Clean – 3:02
4 – Grave Robber – 5:01
5 – Speak To The Sky – 5:17
6 – Hollow Eyes – 6:06
7 – The Rock Medley – 6:11
8 – The Mellow Medley – 5:04
9 – Jesus Loves You/The Race – 4:04
10 – Bob’s Solo – 2:27
11 – Louie’s Solo – 2:05
12 – God Gave Rock And Roll To You – 1:18
13 – The Praise Medley – 8:22
14 – Godpleaser – 5:27
15 – It Is Finished – 8:48

Artwork [Cover Illustration] – Melvin L. Prueitt
Bass Guitar, Keyboards [Keyboard Bass] – Mark Kelly
Concept By [Cover Concept Consultant] – Randy Rogers
Design, Art Direction – Dave Rogers
Drums [Acoustic Drums], Electronic Drums – Louie Weaver
Edited By – Bret Hurst, Chuck Sugar, Steve Dady
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer [Synth-Guitar] – Bob Hartman
Keyboards – John Lawry
Mastered By – Todd Van Etten
Producer, Recorded By – Jonathan David Brown
Vocals – Greg X. Volz

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Jubilee Communications, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Star Song
Recorded At – Knoxville Civic Coliseum
Recorded At – Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC
Recorded At – Township Auditorium
Edited At – Rivendell Recorders
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Petra – Captured In Time And Space – 1986”

  1. The reason the LP, cassette, and CD were different has to do with formatting. LPs have the shortest playtime. The beginning of the disc has a different frequency than the end. CDs have the next shortest playtime. Cassette tape has the longest playtime. It can be twice as long as CD. So, songs and solos were edited for continuity. This way everyone gets the majority of the music, without the gab and as few non-critical songs as possible are left off.

    1. but it was a double LP release. they could have easily fit 80 to 90 minutes without stressing the limits of the format. Also. the VHS release was different from the cassette, LP and CD as well.

      Commercial released cassettes were rarely if ever released on tapes longer than 90 min. and anything over 100 minutes required thinner tape and could cause tracking issues. CDs used to be limited to 74 minutes and are no closer to 80 minuets LPs from the 70s onward could safely hold up to 22 minuets per side with out loss of quality.

      so both Cassette and double LP can hold about 90 minuets of music, and the CD from 86 would have been limited to 74 min. the LP time may be limited due to having to split the performance onto four sides while the cassette only has one side flip, which probably explains why the bonus track ‘The Great I Am’ is only on the cassette version.

      I would really like to see a track by track, format by format comparison of this album. I may have to find a copy of the tape and do it myself someday.

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