Mass – New Birth – 1985

While not a Christian album Mass were Christian musicians. This 1985 release from them had a cult following and was in fact re-released in 2007 by the Christian record company Retroactive Records. I had never heard this album before so this was my first exposure to them. Upon hearing it I am surprised that it was not better received. There are definitely 3 radio singles here and as an 80’s secular DJ I would have played the heck out of a few tracks. That said the reasons the album didn’t make it are as follows in my opinion. First of all the album was produced by Tony Platt who has also produced Uriah Heep, AC/DC, Motorhead and Iron Maiden so the production is good but here’s where it all went wrong. RCA released “Do You Love Me” as the first single and it was not the right first release. It was a second or 3rd release single. The first single should have been “Watch Her Walk” or “Too Far Gone” As a DJ I would have played Watch Her Walk very heavily. All that said my one only other suggestion would have been “More Cowbell” and no I’m kidding.

1 – Too Far Gone – 3:56
2 – Crying Alone – 4:25
3 – Time – 3:44
4 – Back To Me – 4:24
5 – Do You Love Me – 3:40
6 – New Birth – 3:49
7 – Left Behind – 2:55
8 – Voyager (Look For The Edge) – 4:07
9 – Day Without You – 4:23
10 – Watch Her Walk – 3:40

Vocals – Louis D’Augusta
Guitars – Gene D’Itria
Bass – Kevin Varrio
Drums – Joey “Vee” Vadala
Producer, Engineer – Tony Platt

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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