Trytan – Celestial Messenger – 1987

Trytan were often referred to as the Christian Rush. This was their first album and apparently was just a straight remix of one of their Demos. Surprisingly it turned out very well. While the album was missing some dynamic range the mix is really good. It handles the excellent guitar work of Lary Dean as well as the outstanding drumming of Scotty Blackman very well. While the vocals are very “Rush” like I find the music to be it’s own animal and I like it. This is actually the 2000 CD re-release that included 3 bonus tracks. Point of trivia is that Trytan was apparently an acronym for “To Reach Youth Through the Almighty Nazarene”.

1 – Gettin’ Ready – 3:44
2 – Don’t Turn Away – 4:08
3 – Mr. Electric – 5:14
4 – It’s War – 5:19
5 – Rip Van Winkle – 4:22
6 – Chains – 4:47
7 – Nowhere To Run – 4:57
8 – Genesis – 7:07
Bonus tracks
9 – In Her Eyes
10 – The Grinch
11 – To Be Free

Bass – Steve Robinson
Drums – Scotty Blackman
Guitar – Lary Dean
Keyboards – Steve Robinson
Lead Vocals – Lary Dean
Vocals – Scotty Blackman, Steve Robinson

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