Chris Christian With Whiteheart – Live At Six Flags – 1986

When I started working on this album I was looking forward to it as I thought it was Whiteheart at Six Flags. FULL STOP!! It’s not. This is “Chris Christian” with Whiteheart – Live At Six Flags. I wonder how many people bought this album by mistake believing it was just Whiteheart. The album came out the same year so the confusion could be understood. If they did make the error I can only imagine their horror at what they had bought. Now this isn’t a bad album, in fact it’s a very good album but it’s just that it’s a more easy listening oriented album. Not anything at all you would expect from Whiteheart. I’m guessing it was recorded at the same concert as the Whiteheart album. This rather odd pairing came from the fact that Chris Christian did not have a regular band so I am guessing he talked Whiteheart into backing for him. Whiteheart were on the label that Christian owned, Home Sweet Home Records. Anyway, as I said it’s a good album best described as a slightly up tempo Easy Listening album.

1 – Put Your Trust – 3:18
2 – Make A Joyful Noise – 2:28
3 – Love Them While We Can – 3:26
4 – Mountain Top – 3:27
5 – Gospel Medley – 5:59
6 – Satisfaction Guaranteed – 2:57
7 – Praise The Lord – 3:05
8 – Second Chance – 3:12
9 – Look How Far You’ve Come – 3:03
10 – Pop Medley – 7:03
11 – Sail On – 2:28
12 – Get Back To The Bible – 4:45
13 – Why Does The Devil Have All The Good Music – 3:53

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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