Bertil Edin – Cross The Border – 1985

This is one of the Edin’s from Edin-Ådahl. In 1984/85 both Bertil Edin & Simon Ådahl put out solo albums. This was not due to a break up of the group as the group continued on putting out albums. I’m guessing they both just got that solo album itch. Bertil actually did another solo album in 1994 but I haven’t listened to it yet. This album is slightly different than his Edin-Ådahl offerings but the vocals are easily recognizable. This is a good pop album with my only complaint being that the lyrics struggle a bit but that’s normal as these songs were usually written in Swedish and then translated for the English release. That said this album was released in Sweden in English but does not appear to have been released in Swedish.

1 – Cross The Border – 3:06
2 – Keep The Love Around – 3:20
3 – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – 3:00
4 – Rainy Weather – 3:56
5 – Like A Motion Picture – 3:08
6 – Soulhealing – 4:07
7 – I Can’t Lose – 3:42
8 – Time To Get Ready – 3:20
9 – Fancy House – 3:18
10 – I’m Waiting For You – 3:35

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