Damascus Road – I Am A Light Remix – 1982/2012

Damascus Road out of Georgia (not to be confused with Damascus Road out of Texas) recorded this little gem in 1982. Rumour mill says it was recorded with only 8 tracks and a quick listen leads me to believe that rumour. It has a southern rock sound and feel and would have been at home in any bar in the early 80’s. At times I can feel a bit of ZZ-Top and a bit of Skynard but this is a keyboard free Rock album. The original was only pressed with 500 copies but luckily the band remixed and re-released it in 2012 as a mp3 download.

1 – I am a Light – 4:03
2 – Thomas – 3:32
3 – Enter Into the Joy – 2:50
4 – Outer Darkness – 3:53
5 – Go Ye – 3:37
6 – Make It Home – 3:47
7 – Do You Have the Victory? – 3:33
8 – Cutting Edge – 3:29
9 – Hell – 4:32

Jimmy Dunn – Artwork, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Remixing, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Todd Geeting – Drums, Percussion
Kenny Lawrence – Composer, Guitar (Bass), Vocals

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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