Hoi Polloi – Satisfy – 1990

Hoi Polloi was formed in New Zealand by Jenny Gullen, her husband, Andrew Horst, David Ball and Jozsef Fityus. This is their first demo recording and it likely propelled their career in the CCM industry. The Demo is fantastic and very very well produced by Tim Foreman at Airforce Recording Studio in Auckland NZ. The demo led to the band getting an invitation to Cornerstone and a 2 record deal from Reunion Records. All but one of the tracks on this album were rerecorded and released on the bands first album and the one remaining track showed up on their second album. The album has a great alternative sound and one can’t help but make a comparison to Lone Justice but with much less cow influence. The vocals are strong and the instruments are tight. This is probably one of the best produced demo’s I’ve ever heard. Definitely top 10.

1 – Rest Tonite – 3:22
2 – Rain – 4:05
3 – Love Shine Down – 3:14
4 – Satisfy – 4:13
5 – The Other Name – 4:23
6 – Come To Me – 4:09

Jenny Gullen – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
David Ball – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Andrew Horst – Bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Jozsef Fityus – Drums
Jasmine Kemp – Background vocals on “Satisfy”
Dave Henderson – Background vocals on “Satisfy”
Youth Renewal Singers – Background vocals on “Rest Tonight”
Guy Wishart – Acoustic guitar on “Satisfy”
Jeff Tribe – Trumpet
Peter Slainey – Saxophone
Dave Parry – Keyboards on “Love Shine Down”

Sardonyx – Rebel of Reason – 1990

Sardonyx was formed in 1988 with the coming together of two metal bands. The original members were Tom Denlinger on Vocals, Rod Feltman Lead Guitars, Michael Anthony Drums, Tim Swarthout Lead Guitar, and Chuck Turner on Bass. In 1990 the guys came together at the home studio of Dave Kurtz of Thresher and would record this simple 4 song Demo. Shortly after the demo was recorded Tim Swarthout left the band and isn’t credited on the demo. The demo was very popular and while it led to recording offers they went on to forge their own path and release future albums privately. This demo is presented in full on both sides of the cassette which I always thought was a nice touch. Given the destructive qualities of playing a cassette these two sided versions would let you enjoy the music twice as long.

1 – Scandal – 4:00
2 – Don’t Chase The Rainbow – 4:38
3 – Bloodshed – 5:21
4 – Rebel Of Reason – 5:44

Bass – Chuck Turner
Drums – Michael Anthony
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Rod Feltman
Vocals – Tom Denlinger

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Lifeline Studios
Mastered At – Lifeline Studios

After the Fire – 80f – Original Mix Version – Acetate – 1980

I’ll start off by explaining what this is. It is taken from the original acetate recording/mix for the 80-f album. This is the version that was produced by Tony Mansfield (no relation) and ultimately rejected by CBS records. CBS had the band go to Germany with ex-Fly’s drummer Peter King, to re-record the album. It was remixed and reproduced by Reinhold Mack. Three songs were killed (Another World / Operator / Satellite In Orbit) and three new songs were added (Wild West Show / Why Can’t We Be Friends / Joanne). I am guessing that some of you are intentionally reading this review just to hear me lose my mind and I will not disappoint. Exactly what the suits at CBS were thinking completely mystifies me. I mean had they even listened to the 2 Cars albums that had come out at this point and were dominating the charts. ATF were exactly as good if not better than The Cars and this mix was exactly that sound that was dominating the charts. Furthermore what was wrong with Nick Brotherwood’s drumming? The drum track on this album is dead on and absolutely perfect. Tony nailed this mix and we had a 3 or 4 single album here. In the end we are blessed that this version leaked and we want to thank friend of the channel Randy Layton (Alternative Records) for getting us a copy of what was probably going to be one of the top albums of 1980. Instead CBS dumbed it down and destroyed it. SIGH

1 – Starlight – 4:24
2 – High Fashion – 3:18
3 – Another World – 3:36
4 – Can You face It? – 3:20
5 – Operator – 3:45
6 – Love Will Always Make You Cry – 4:00
7 – 1980-F – 2:37
8 – Satellite In Orbit – 3:18
9 – Who’s Gonna Love You – 4:21
10 – Billy, Billy – 4:30

Bass, Lead Vocals – Andy Piercy
Drums – Nick Brotherwood
Keyboards – Peter Memory Banks
Lead Guitar – John Russell
Producer, Engineer – Tony Mansfield

Companies, etc.
Lacquer Cut At – Tape One

Towne Cryer – Towne Cryer – 1990

This is a demo from a band that never did get signed but it appears most metal heads are very well aware of them. They were best known as a thrash metal band but this demo leans far more to just a straight up metal band and not commercial metal, real metal. The quality of the demo is not all that great but I think the mix was pretty good. The problem probably lays in the quality of cassette tape used. You can’t fault bands when this happened as they were paying out of pocket for these things. Anyway this is a strong metal demo and I can’s tell you why they never got record deal. Just another one of those mysteries of early 90’s CCM.

1 – Still I Wait – 4:01
2 – Rock Of Salvation – 4:05
3 – Without You – 4:37
4 – He Is The One – 3:45
5 – The Tempter – 3:28
6 – Right To Kill – 3:03
7 – King Of Broken Hearts – 4:25
8 – Night Of The Thief – 3:03

Gena McClure – Vocals
Steve Metzger – Guitars
Shawn Cummings – Bass
Ron McClure – Drums

Saint Attack – The First – 1989

This is the first of 2 demo’s from Saint Attack though I am completely unable to confirm the second one titled “First Watch”. So in the end this may be all we have from Saint Attack. They never went on to record an album and I can only find info one one member. Vocalist Frank Schepp went on to sing with Chryztyne on their one and only album. Other than Frank the 2 bands don’t appear to have anything in common so I don’t believe it was a rename. OK now onto the demo. It’s a metal album and is actually really well produced and mixed. As they were a German band I wonder why no record deal. I believe it was easier for metal bands to get record deals in Germany and that’s why we have all these oddball German metal releases. Anyway they never did an album and this is all we get form them. If your a metal head this one is for you. I predict you will really like it.

1 – Co’mon – 2:59
2 – Confession – 5:08
3 – Mama Doesn’t Know – 4:41
4 – Pleasure’an Pain – 3:20

Frank Schepp – Vocals
Walter Moch – Guitars
Gerhard Schlinck – Guitars
Uwe Uher – Bass
Ralf Rumpf – Drums

Legacy – Legacy – 1988

This may actually be the best Metal band that never got a record deal. Hear me out on this one. They appeared on two Metal compilations, Heavy Righteous Metal,Chapter II and Brave New Music. They opened for Rez Band, Shout, Sacred Warrior, Mylon LeFevre and Allies. They also took second place in the new talent stage at Cornerstone 1989 and won the battle of the bands competition at metal club Alrosa Villa in the winter of 1989. These guys were hugely popular yet a record deal evaded them. They recorded 14 tracks for this demo but only 6 tracks made it and of course it’s almost impossible to find this demo now. That said Eonian Records stepped up in 2010 released all 14 demo tracks on CD. It took 20 years but the guys finally got their music out there.

1 – Salvation Is Law – 4:44
2 – Live It – 4:04
3 – Don’t Run Away – 3:13
4 – Change Of A Broken Heart – 2:54
5 – You Need Love – 4:22
6 – Red, White, And Blue – 5:57

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – John D. Rice
Drums, Percussion [Other Rude Noises] – “Jungle” John Jenkins
Engineer, Producer – Brian Strittenberger
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Fred Blanchard, Matt Rice
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Doug Meacham
Piano, Keyboards – Jeff Koenig

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – The Recording Workshop Studio

Valor – Masquerade – 1987

Valor rose out of the ashes of another band named Golgotha. The band was pretty much the same lineup but with Chris Price replacing Todd Price. Chris brought a more thrash sound to the band. Vic Sardon was brought on as a second guitarist to solidify that thrash sound. The band had a pretty good following as Golgotha so they had a head start as they toured and played across the U.S. They actually stayed together for several years and though they never got a real record deal (they did release a full self produced album) they were quite popular. Now it’s well known that thrash bands had a very difficult time with record deals I am kind of surprised that Valor had this problem. Their version of thrash is far more bearable than most. The lyrics are clear and good. The guitar has distinguishable chords and quite frankly this is probably one of the best thrash albums I’ve ever heard. Even if you’re not a fan of thrash I’d really suggest you give this one a quick listen. You might be pleasantly surprised.

1 – Masquerade – 4:26
2 – Fight For Your Life – 2:42
3 – Burn – 5:00
4 – Didn’t I – 4:27
5 – The Flesh Is Weak – 4:11

Bass, Backing Vocals – Adam Alvarez
Drums – Jim Maxwell
Guitar – Chris Price, Vic Sardon
Vocals – Michael Brueck

Zion – Rock For Eternity – 1984

Zion formed in 1981 in Sioux Falls, SD which is pretty early in the Christian Metal scene. This is technically their 2nd demo as they actually released a 2 track demo in 1982. But really this is the Demo that most people have heard about. Though they would become better known for metal this album is actually hard rock and it is very good. The production is actually pretty good too which is rare for demo’s of this era. We get a good introduction to Rex Scott’s later work with X-Sinner with the track “Jesus Loves” which is by far the best track on the demo. I apologize that the quality of our upload is not very good but I really wanted this one uploaded.

1 – Rock For Eternity – 6:38
2 – Your Love – 7:28
3 – Jesus Loves – 5:01
4 – Full Of Fire – 4:28
5 – You Need Jesus – 6:05
6 – Joy Of The Lord – 4:21
7 – Discontented Man – 4:48
8 – One Solitary Life – 4:11
9 – Time Is Running Out – 6:52
10 – Never Had The Chance – 5:17

Rex Scott – lead vocals, drums and guitar.
Bruce Fischer – vocals, guitar
Dave Moore – vocals, guitar
Greg Sauer – vocals, bass
Tom Bozung – drums

Urgent Cry – Demo 041187 – 1987

Urgent Cry were a band out of Vandalia, Ohio. They released 2 demos but were never signed by a label. This is their first demo and it’s pretty good. It has a nice pop rock sound and is musically sound. Unfortunately the vocals are a bit weak. I think the vocal skills were there but Steven just needed a little guidance. This is a good example of the difference a good producer could have made. While the engineering was actually very good I think they needed a producer to pull it all together. One thing I really like that this band did was to release their demo cassette with all 4 tracks on each side. This means the cassette would last twice as long. Given the quality of these bulk cassettes I really liked it when bands did this.

1 – Cry In The Wilderness – 3:57
2 – Unexpected – 3:48
3 – Christ Is The Answer – 3:51
4 – No Pantomime – 4:06

Darryl Gibson – Drums, acoustic guitar
Kevin Landon – Bass, keyboards
Bill Kuhn – Lead Guitar
Steven Mikel – Lead vocals, flute

One Bad Pig – A Christian Banned – 1986

One Bad Pig actually originated out of a one time performance at a local Texas music festival. I’m guessing they were pretty well received as the band decided to keep going and recorded this demo. The band at this point was imitating early 80’s punk. It was well received by their fans even though the sound had actually been overdone in the secular industry. That said punk was virtually unknown in Christian music so it was a new sound for fans. I have listened to some of their later work and I see real talent but quite frankly I just don’t hear a lot of talent here. I was a big listener of secular punk music in the early 80’s and quite frankly they just don’t measure up. That said I respect that they were doing something new and the CCM industry really needed new sounds at the time this band came along. If you are a big fan of OBP this is a must listen but don’t expect the quality they would later be know for.

1 – Six – 2:30
2 – Sleepin’ With The World – 1:58
3 – Make Me Burn – 3:39
4 – Blow And Go – 2:18
5 – Anarchy Is Prison – 3:04
6 – Life’s A Bomb – 2:19

Artwork [Cover Art], Design – Capital Spectrum, Kevin Phelan, Ronnie Bronson
Bass, Vocals – Kevin Phelan
Guitar, Songwriter [Song], Vocals – Paul Q-Pek
Lead Vocals [Lead Screams], Lyrics By [Lyric] – Carey Womack
Percussion – Jon Taylor
Engineer [Engineered By], Mixed By – Kerry Crafton
Photography By – David Davis
Producer [Produced By] – Kerry Crafton, One Bad Pig

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Porkys Demise
Copyright © – Porkys Demise
Recorded At – Studio West, Austin, TX.
Mastered At – Rainbo Records
Pressed By – Rainbo Records
Glass Mastered at – Cinram