Peter Beveridge – Static On The Frequency – 1982

This is the original release of the 1983 “Grinding Wheel” album from Peter Beverage. As far as I can tell the Album was originally released in Australia as “Static On The Frequency ” and then re-released worldwide as “Grinding Wheel”. I don’t have a lot of information on Peter other than this was his second album and his last solo effort. In 1990 he released an album with Darlene Zschech using the band name of “Present History”. This is a pretty good pop album and must have been quite popular in Australia to warrant a worldwide release shortly after. Interesting point of trivia on the album is that Eminem sampled the track “Static on the Frequency” on his song “Detroit vs. Everybody”. Don’t really know who approved it but really they shouldn’t have as the Eminem song is garbage. I would not suggest you seek it out and listen to it.

1 – Static On The Frequency – 5:26
2 – Mr. Media – 2:58
3 – Add Up The Wonders – 4:49
4 – Another Marriage On The Rocks – 3:46
5 – Make Up Your Mind – 4:11
6 – Tonight’s Your Night – 2:45
7 – Grinding Wheel – 3:21
8 – Teflon Salvation – 3:27
9 – Winter Nights – 3:47
10 – Shine Your Light – 3:43

Backing Vocals – Marty McCall, Tyana Parr
Bass Guitar – David Miner
Drums – David Kemper
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Jerry McPherson
Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboards [Fender Rhodes & Yamaha CS80] – Peter Beveridge
Percussion – Pat Bautz
Producer – Fletch Wiley
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Bill Tillman

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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