Sheila Walsh – Future Eyes – 1981

This is the first solo album from Sheila Walsh. She had previously in a band called “Oasis” who had 4 albums in the 70’s. The UK release was on Chapel Records in 81 with 9 tracks. The US version was released in 1993 with some changes. On the US version Several tracks were remixed by adding more guitar, removing some synthesizers, and adding some different background vocals. Also “Breaking the Ice” and “He Weeps for Our Tears” were removed while “Burn On” was added. Larry Norman was given co-credit on the US version as producer and did some backgroud vocals. Strangely in 1984 another UK version was released which included “Burn On” which gave the album 11 tracks. The strange part is that it was released on Word records while she was signed to Sparrow records. Anyway, Sheila went on the a long career and I would boldly say she was the UK Amy Grant.

US Version;

UK Version;

1 – Here With Me – 3:37
2 – Burn On – 4:05
3 – Love In My Life – 3:28
4 – Eyes Of A Different Kind – 4:46
5 – You’re So Important To Me – 4:00
6 – Future Eyes – 3:20
7 – Fear Of Silence – 3:40
8 – Back Into The Old Routine – 2:32
9 – Mona Lisa – 3:42

Vocals – Sheila Walsh
Keyboards, Piano & Arrangements – Chris Rolinson
Drums – Ray Goudie, Colin Vallance, Dave Charles
Bass – Paul Cobbold,
Guitar, Rob Marshal, Norman Barratt, Pete Brooks, Dave Kasak
Piano and Keyboards – Dave Morris
Strings – B Askey, G York, D Haime, CW Green
Producer – Paul Cobbold
Engineer – Paul Cobbold
Executive Producer – Ray Goudie
Arrangment – Chris Rolinson
Recorded at Chapel Lane Studios, Hereford

US Version Additions
Bass – Mark Williamson
Harmonies – Sarah Finch, Larry Norman
Producer – Larry Norman, Norman Miller

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