Salmond & Mulder – Special Limited Edition – 1978

This was the first album from Canadian duo Salmond & Mulder. It is a rather typical 70’s Jesus music album where you will hear Simon and Garfunkel like duets, a country song, a Rock song and a Reggae cut. Many albums in this period had styles that were all over the map and this one followed that trend. I don’t offer this as a criticism but just a description of the eras thinking. The rock tune on this album is actually quite good and at the time would have made it’s way into my regular rotation. While they were mainly known in Canada this album was released in the United States but I believe it was a very short run. Strangely the last track “Stumbling Heavenward” would also make it onto their next album as the title track. I found that rather odd. The album cover was a bit of genius too. It consisted of a blank entirely white Jacket with a sicker applied that simply said “Salmond & Mulder Special Limited Edition”. A novel idea that made the album stand out but must have also kept the costs way down.

1 – Hearthungers – 3:54
2 – Silent Lady – 3:13
3 – Tumbleweed – 3:51
4 – Here I Am – 4:15
5 – You In My Heart – 2:42
6 – Like A River – 4:33
7 – Greatest Lover – 2:49
8 – Bear The Burdon – 2:10
9 – Sunshine In The Rain – 4:16
10 – Most Of All – 2:33
11 – Stumbling Heavenward – 0:31

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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