Oracle – Danger Zone – 1984

I bet that most of you are asking who was Oracle? For the main part I have the exact same question but I do know a little bit. First of all do not confuse this band with a Heavy Metal band of the same name. This is not them regardless of what you may read on line. This Oracle has more of a rock pop mix I’d say leaning slightly more to rock. I have no idea who the guys in the band were because they used nondescript nicknames on the album. This is something I’ve always disliked and this album is an example of why. They apparently were from Edmonton and this was all we have from them. The album came out on Tunesmith records who were well known for signing unknown bands with varying success. In this case I don’t think there was much success as I’m from Canada and I have never heard of these guys. The album cover is actually pretty cool for 1984 but really doesn’t suit the album. The quality of the music isn’t fantastic but this is in part because I don’t think the production is very good. The songs are simple but have some catchy riffs and choruses and with better production we might have heard more from these guys. Unfortunately this is a common story when it comes to Tunesmith artists.

1 – Stranger In Paradise – 3:46
2 – Songmaker – 5:04
3 – Joker – 3:20
4 – Final Show – 5:12
5 – Court Jester – 3:20
6 – Heroes – 4:29
7 – Love Song – 3:50
8 – Breakdown – 2:24
9 – Listen To The Voice – 4:03

Lead Vocals, Guitar – Rock
Bass – Gary Anthony
Keyboards, Vocals – J.J.
Drums – Klark
Executive Producer – The Wizard
Mastered By – Dave Ellsworth
Producer – Oracle

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Praise Industries Corp.

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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