Eternal Ryte – World Requiem – 1990

This is Eternal Ryte’s one and only on label album. They were yet another band out of the late 80’s California metal scene. They are known for doing the circuit of Secular bars that was considered trendy for Christian Metal bands at the end of the 80’s. As for the album it’s a pretty good metal album but is a little over produced in my opinion but you can still hear the skills of the band. Bobby Smith’s guitar stands out to me and also I found the writing to be a step up from most metal bands of the era. Unfortunately when Pure Metal was sold to Star Song Eternal Ryte is one of the bands that was released so we have to enjoy this album as other than their demo’s it is all we would get. Unfortunately the album is a little difficult to come by these days so it demands a bit of a premium.

1 – Tightrope Dancer – 3:53
2 – Requiem – 4:37
3 – Someone To Love – 4:42
4 – Say Hello – 4:20
5 – The Killer – 4:48
6 – Surrender – 3:07
7 – On The Line – 4:02
8 – You And Me – 3:42
9 – The King – 5:02
10 – No More Lies 5:15

Bass, Vocals – Fred Gustafsson
Percussion – Scott “Smash!” Earnest
Written-By, Guitar – Bobby Smith (27)
Written-By, Lead Vocals – Phil St. Vincent

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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