Love Chapter Band – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 1978

This was the first of 3 albums from Love Chapter Band. Again I am having a difficult time finding out anything about the band. I do know they were from British Columbia Canada and the album was released on New Born Records, a sister label to Tunesmith. Of note on the album is the title track which is a cover of 1976 Gentle Faith (Darrell Mansfield) song “Livin in the Sonshine”. Other than that I have nothing I can tell you about them or the album.

1 – Where Will You Go – 4:48
2 – The Sacrificed Lamb – 4:56
3 – Joy Comes – 3:34
4 – No More Reasons – 5:01
5 – Jump In – 1:53
6 – Just A Prayer Away – 3:00
7 – God’s Will – 3:21
8 – Make Me An Instrument – 4:11
9 – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 2:39

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Love Chapter Band – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 1978”

  1. Love Chapter Band was the PAOC youth ministry band that would travel around the provence to VBS and other youth focused ministries.

  2. They came to our small church for youth group in the late 70’s. I still have their nov/dec 78 ‘perforation’ youth profile mag.
    Would be awesome to hear how/what info about the group members: Ken Torrance, Sharon Tarsiuk, etc.

  3. Doug and Barb Bus were in leadership and singers, Art Henkel was one of the singers, there was another woman singer, and one guy on the drums.

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