Amy Grant – Heart In Motion – 1991

This may be the most successful CCM album of all time. It made it to #10 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the Christian albums chart for 32 weeks. It also went 5 times platinum in the United States, selling over five million copies. Her biggest hit “Baby Baby” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also received a nomination for the Grammy Awards of Album of the Year but lost out to Unforgettable… with Love by Natalie Cole. I’m not the biggest Amy Grant fan but she was robbed of that Grammy and I personally feel there was some internal politics in play. But aside from maybe the numbers you knew this was a very successful album already. So as I struggle to write something about this album that others haven’t covered all I could find was some interesting names on the credits. Dann Huff played some guitar and as usual Michael Omartian was heavily involved in the album. The credits actually appear to include just about everyone in the Nashville music scene. Obviously Myrrh and A&M Records pulled out all the stops for this album and I shudder to think of the production costs. But as it went 5 times platinum and sure those costs were well covered.

1 – Good For Me – 3:59
2 – Baby Baby – 3:57
3 – Every Heartbeat – 3:32
4 – That’s What Love Is For – 4:17
5 – Ask Me – 3:51
6 – Galileo – 4:19
7 – You’re Not Alone – 3:49
8 – Hats – 4:09
9 – I Will Remember You – 5:00
10 – How Can We See That Far – 4:26
11 – Hope Set High – 2:48

Amy Grant – Executive Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
David Ahlert – Engineer
Jeff Balding – Mixed
Brown Bannister – Producer
Steven Bishir – Engineer
Michael Blanton – Executive Producer
Robbie Buchanan – Keyboards
Gary Chapman – Songwriter, Background Vocals
Terry Christian – Engineer, Mixed
Simon Climie – Songwriter
Gardner Cole – Songwriter
Todd Culros – Engineer
Bill Deaton – Engineer
Diana DeWitt Hanna – Background Vocals
Mark Douthit – Saxophone
Chris Eaton – Songwriter, Background Vocals
Rob Fisher – Songwriter
Kim Fleming – Background Vocals
Barry Green – Trombone
Jay Gruska – Songwriter
Mark Hammond – Drums, Percussion Programming
Vicki Hampton – Background Vocals
Mike Haynes – Trumpet
Ron Hemby – Background Vocals
Tom Hemby – Songwriter, Background Vocals
Kurt Howell – Background Vocals
Dann Huff – Guitars
Gordon Kennedy – Guitars
Don Kirkpatrick – Guitars
Wayne Kirkpatrick – Songwriter
Sam Levine – Baritone Saxophone
Laura Livingston – Engineer
Bob Loftus – Engineer
Chris MacDonald – Horns Arranger
Pat MacDougall – Mixed
Brian Malouf – Mixed
Blair Masters – Keyboards
Chris McDonald – Horn Arranger
Donna McElroy – Background Vocals
Chris McHugh – Drums
Jerry McPherson – Guitars
Todd Moore – Production Assistance, Engineer
Dennis Morgan – Songwriter
Cliff Norrell – Mixed
Michael Omartian – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Drum Sequencing
Charlie Peacock – Songwriter, Horns Arranger, Keyboards, Programming
Kelly Pribble – Engineer
David Raven – Drums
Chris Rodriguez – Background Vocals
Susanne Schwartz – Background Vocals
Tommy Sims – Bass
Tom Snow – Songwriter
Brian Tankersley – Synth Programming
Keith Thomas – Producer, Songwriter, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Percussion Programming, Background Vocals
Mimi Verner – Songwriter
Bill Whittington – Engineer
Rick Will – Engineer

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Author: Ray Mansfield

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