Solid Air – Take A Little Interest – 1980

In my quest to find all things Iva Twydell I stumbled across this album that he produced. This is essentially the band that backed Iva on his “Secret Service” album. This is the only album we got from these guys though there was another UK band with the same name who released another album in 1986 but none of the members were the same. Anyway this is a great Pop album that definitely feels like ATF and or Iva Twydell in many spots. It’s another one I would have loved to have heard in the 80’s but I missed it due to it’s UK only release.

1 – King’s Business
2 – Open Door
3 – Misty Skies
4 – Smiling People
5 – Speak To Me
6 – Prayer
7 – Feet On Solid Ground
8 – City Of Gold
9 – Sleep In Your Eyes
10 – What Can I Do For You?
11 – Countdown
12 – Take A Little Interest

Backing Vocals, Producer – Iva Twydell
Guitar, Vocals – Andy Balmer
Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals – Dave Balmer
Drums, Backin]g Vocals, Art – Tim Burgess
Bass, Crowd Vocals – Pete Dillet
Engineer – Bryan Smith

Companies, etc.
Label – Rio Records, BANANA 500, Banana Records

Ivor Twidell – Waiting for the Sun – 1978

We’re a little confused at the crediting of this album. We have credited it to Ivor Twidell but it may actually be instead the name of the band, Waiting For The Sun. We also apologize for the low quality of these songs but the fact that we got a copy at all was exciting as this is pretty rare album. Anyway this is the first appearance of Ivor (Iva) in the music scene and came out right when he joined After The Fire. It has a folksy seventies sound and is nothing like his later work. We tried to look into Ivor’s history before this album but we were unable to find out anything. This album has been re-released on CD in 2015 but so far we can’t find a copy but we are looking.

01 – Waiting For The Sun – 3:51
02 – Dear Lord – 3:03
03 – I Want To Dance – 2:21
04 – Old Fashioned Dreamer – 3:12
05 – Come Up Smiling – 2:54
06 – I Can’t Take – 4:02
07 – This Thing’s Gone On Long Enough – 3:41
08 – The Carpenter’s Son – 4:01
09 – Maybe I’m A Fool – 3:18
10 – Come To Me – 4:26
11 – Safe With Me – 3:02

Bass – Robert Michael
Drums – Ivor Twidell
Electric Guitar – Dusty Miller
Flute – Ivor Twidell, Tamsin Ginger
Guitar – Ivor Twidell
Lacquer Cut By – Spikey
Percussion – Ivor Twidell
Synthesizer – Ivor Twidell
Violin – Nick Battle
Vocals – Ivor Twidell, Nick Battle

Iva Twydell – Secret Service – 1981

Iva, whose real name is Ivor was in After The Fire from 1978 until some point in 1980. This is his first album after ATF. He had an album before he joined ATF but I warn you know it is a completely different style than what he’s known for. Anyway this album has a lot of similarities to ATF stuff and quite frankly it’s fantastic. It has this spy/secret service/CIA theme going on which is pretty cool. The single was “Secret Service” which I personally believe would have been a great radio single but unfortunately the album was on an unknown label. I know that Ivor and ATF as a whole always had label problems and it’s sad because they were all very very talented. Interestingly the only person Ivor brought into the project that had any interesting history was the drummer Nick Brotherwood from The Alwyn Wall Band. Anyway this one is must listen and I doubt many people have heard it as it was on an obscure label and only released in the U.K.

01 – No Good At All – 2:14
02 – Some People – 2:28
03 – The Dance Has Just Begun – 2:38
04 – I Guess I’ll Always Be (Someone Like Me) – 3:12
05 – King Of Hearts – 2:43
06 – Part Time Hero – 2:39
07 – Cold War – 3:49
08 – Secret Service – 2:27
09 – I Surrender – 2:27
10 – CIA And The KGB – 2:32
11 – Independence – 1:59
12 – Resting In Your Love – 2:47
13 – Save Me – 2:26
14 – Cover Me – 3:35
15 – Don’t Be Afraid – 1:45

Acoustic Guitar – John McNaughton
Arranged By – Iva Twydell
Bass – Tony Hudson
Drums – Nick Brotherwood
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Andy Balmer
Organ, Piano, Strings – Graham Noon
Saxophone – Derek Williams
Sleeve, Design – Steve Bamford
Triangle – Marianda Twydell
Violin – Phil Henderson
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flute, Synthesizer, Percussion – Iva Twydell
Vocals, Noises – Dave Balmer, Kieran McGrath
Vocals, Percussion – Tim Burgess

Iva Twydell – Duel – 1982

If you were like me and was yearning for more from After The Fire then this album could be one for you. Iva Twydell is actually Ivor Twidell, the drummer of After The Fire. He was joined by fellow ATF member Nick Battle who played bass and produced the album. The album was financed by Redsky music who released it in The UK and New Zealand. It was also released in Canada on license by Tunesmith Records. The album is very Synth heavy and those duties were handeled by Anthony Phillips who was actually the original guitarist for Geneses. This is rather odd as I can’t find that Anthony was ever involved in any other Christian project. Anyway this is a great album and if you like ATF then you will likely enjoy this album even if it doesn’t have Peter Banks on vocals.

1 – The Man Inside – 3:37
2 – The Warning – 3:20
3 – Teaching Me The Hard Way – 3:43
4 – See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil – 3:58
5 – Final Fuse – 4:27
6 – Decline And Fall – 4:17
7 – Hear Me – 3:36
8 – Addicted – 3:03
9 – Get It Right – 2:58
10 – Abdication Day – 4:06

Backing Vocals – Annie McCaig, Colin Blunstone, Mo Turner
Drum Machine Programming – Richard Scott
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar – Nick Battle
Synthesiser, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar – Anthony Phillips
Vocals, Synthesiser, Electric Guitar, Percussion – Iva Twydell