Wanda Jackson – Closer To Jesus – 1977

50’s Rocker Wanda Jackson is back with her 6th Christian album and her 26th album overall. Yes this is her 26th album. Now she may have been a rocker in the 50’s but she certainly mellowed out by the 70’s and in fact this album would be best described as country but you can still hear hints of her great work in the 50’s. As good as this album was again she missed out on having a charting CCM single. In fact she never had a charting CCM single. For the life of me I am completely bewildered at this and there had to be some politics involved as her music was for the main part exactly what CCM was looking for. Now if this album doesn’t really appeal to you hang in there because she soon actually did a few more Rockabilly albums and we will be highlighting them soon.

1 – Where I’m Going – 3:13
2 – The World Didn’t Give It To Me – 3:03
3 – The Carpenter’s Son – 3:21
4 – Grandma Sang Off Key – 2:48
5 – He Was There All The Time – 3:24
6 – Closer To Jesus – 3:19
7 – Learning To Lean – 3:51
8 – Gaither Praise Medley – 2:29
9 – Walkin’ In The Spirit – 2:28
10 – He’s Been Through It Too – 3:39

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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