Message – Sailing Home – 1974

There’s not much info out there on Message but it was a project by Allan Butt and Pat Merchant. It was self released and as such there aren’t many copies out there and if you have one it’s worth a fair amount of money. None of the artists involved ever did another project that I can find. This is rather surprising as it’s a really good album. It’s easily as good as most albums from the 70’s that I have listened to. But this isn’t really surprising as I’ve always thought that the record companies really were confused with what to do with music from the Jesus movement of the 70’s. If you like 70’s stuff I suspect you’ll love this one.

1 – I Dreamed I Saw Jesus – 2:40
2 – Highway 45 – 5:07
3 – Changing Up My Lines – 2:43
4 – Coming Soon – 2:23
5 – Should’ve Followed Jesus – 2:43
6 – Thank You Jesus – 4:22
7 – He Was A Carpenter – 4:17
8 – Crucify – 3:17
9 – It’s Hard To Be A Christian – 3:16
10 – Sailing Home – 4:31

Allan Butt – Guitar, Vocals, Recorder
Pat Merchant – Harp, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide
Robin Barnett – Drums
David Dealfe – Bass
Rick Cagle – Backup Vocals
Buddy Philen – Producer

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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