Nicole – Don’t Let Me Go – 1991

There’s not much info on Nicole’s early life but this was her first album. While Nicole became very well known in and about 2000 she was little known at the time of her first album. The album has a great soul feel and while it leans easy listening it’s pretty darn good. I’ve been listening to a fair amount of Easy Listening albums lately and this one ranks pretty high among them. Cindy and Janie Cruse provided backing vocals on a couple tracks that Cindy actually wrote. Tim Miner assisted with engineering and production and I must say that the production of the album is excellent.

1 – On My Way Up – 4:32
2 – Mighty Groove – 3:45
3 – I Need To Know – 3:58
4 – I’ll Be Right There – 2:49
5 – My Everything – 4:11
6 – Don’t Let Me Go – 4:08
7 – Love Is Enough – 3:37
8 – All My Days – 4:31
9 – Oh Jesus Loves Me – 3:15
10 – Somewhere – 1:52

Angie Alan – Vocals (Background)
Margaret Bell – Vocals (Background)
Darren Bruce – Cymbals
Nicole Bruce – Vocals (Background)
Kim Bryant – Vocals (Background)
Paula Bryant – Vocals (Background)
Mark Cassimatis – Engineer
Cindy Cruse – Vocals (Background)
Janie Cruse – Vocals (Background)
Keith Davenport – Keyboards
David Ebensberger – Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
Michelle Ford – Vocals (Background)
Ron Jones – Saxophone
Knightlight Studios – Engineer, Producer
Win Kutz – Mixing
MC Ge Gee – Rap
Ed McTaggart – Art Direction
Craig Miles – Vocals (Background)
Tim Miner – Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
Nicole C. Mullen – Vocals
Gregory O’Quin – Keyboards, Programming
Craig Penrod – Engineer
Karen Penrod – Vocals (Background)
Joe Potter – Layout Design
Kim Sipus – Vocals (Background)
Mark Stitts – Engineer, Vocals (Background)
Washington – Rap
Brenda Welcome – Vocals (Background)
Mike “Hitman” Wilson – Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
John Wirtz – Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)

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Author: Ray Mansfield

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