Prism – Red – 1988

This is the final album in the Prism series. I’ll be honest I still don’t understand what the project was really all about. Again there are children on the cover of the album that have nothing to do with the album. I truly believe the original idea was Kidz Bop idea but in the end it just turned into Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann doing an album. I actually find it a bit disingenuous to have a bunch of kids on the album cover when they have nothing to do with the album. Very strange. Now that aside these were a series of very successful albums because they are very good. These guys knew how to make music and I am totally baffled at why they didn’t want to do it using their own names. Thy did have First Call do the track “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. Bottom line is I really like the whole project, the results were fantastic I’m just not sure the path they took to get there.

1 – Amazing Grace – 3:37
2 – Kum-Ba-Yah – 4:49
3 – He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands – 4:54
4 – If You’re Happy And You Know It/I’m Happy Today – 2:25
5 – Love Him In The Morning – 3:39
6 – Seek Ye First – 3:15
7 – Sure Shot – 3:48
8 – Count Your Many Blessings/Can You Count The Stars – 3:01
9 – Big Enough – 3:43
10 – The Lord Bless You And Keep You – 2:03

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

4 thoughts on “Prism – Red – 1988”

  1. I never owned a prism album and only listened it to them when my pal Casey Rogers would inevitably put them on at parties and gatherings at his house. I get the point you are making about possibly kidz bop like covers. Not Kidz bop influenced covers as Kid’z Bop dropped their first album in 2001 (according to Wikipedia) and Prism released this their final album 13 years prior. But there was no shortage to cute kids singing kiddy gospels song in the eighties and this cover does make us expect that kind of product rather than what we actually hear. I agreed the covers compared to the content are disconcerting. It would be interesting to find out what marketing strategy (if any) was used in designing the covers.

  2. I think the Greatest Hits album that came out after this had a couple of new tracks. But I no longer own those records to confirm that.

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