Ishmael And Andy – Ready Salted – 1973

As near as I can tell this is the first album from both Rev. Ian Smale (Ishmael) and Andy Piercy. As such this is an important album in my After The Fire tentacles project. I read that Andy and Ishmael were very good friends and they did more projects like this at the time. They actually had self released a 45 the year before this album but strangely neither of those tracks made it to this album. This was one of the first releases on Myrrh which was called Myrrh Gold at the time. Side 2 of the album might have been recorded live or perhaps just had applause mixed in I’m not sure. Anyway the album mainly consists of them each on an acoustic guitar. As for style it leans more toward Ishmael’s style with a heavier folk influence. The intro track is also probably the best track on the album. Anyway so here’s where two of my favourite artists started out. Also note that Ishmael re released the album on CD at some point and added a 12th track which we have included.

1 – Salt & Light Company – 3:35
2 – Psalm 139 Vs 6-12 – 4:35
3 – Paddy – 5:00
4 – Son Of God – 2:58
5 – Who Is He? – 4:35
6 – Hallelujah Chorus – 3:07
7 – We Got Jesus,We got Joy – 2:36
8 – Schitzo – 2:57
9 – Charisma – 2:50
10 – All Gods Children – 2:16
11 – I’m So Happy – 4:07
12 – The Lords Army – 1:34

Design, Photography – Bernard A Cope
Engineer – Lea Nicholson, Nic Kinsey
Engineer [Cutting] – John Wadley
Performer – Andy Piercy, Ishmael, Littlehampton Youth For Christ
Producer – Bobbie Graham

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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