Code Of Ethics – Visual Paradox – 1991

This is the first album from Code Of Ethics though they have a demo put out in 1990 that we have been unable to find it. The lineup for the band on this album is as mysterious as the rest of their albums. The credits list Barry Blazs as the sole performer but history says that Eric Switzer and Mark Tanner also performed on the album. This whole issue of who was on the albums continues through the history of the band and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe Barry Blazs was a little difficult to work with. Anyway lets talk about the album. R.E.X. Music liked what they heard on the demo and quickly wanted to get an album out. The album has their trademark synth pop sound. That wasn’t a common sound in the Christian genre so these guys were actually a bit of a risk. Personally I think the risk was putting a 1985 sounding album in 1991 but we’re talking about the Christian genre where that was okay. Anyway get your dance shoes on and enjoy this great album.

1 – One Way – 4:10
2 – Through Your Eyes – 5:01
3 – I Need Your Love – 2:54
4 – Heaven Help Me – 4:18
5 – Greater Love – 5:36
6 – Hold Me – 4:39
7 – Breaking Down – 3:49
8 – Taking You Down – 4:18
9 – Visual Paradox – 3:45
10 – Being With You – 4:02

Art Direction, Design – Jeff Spencer
Engineer – Danny Drak
Engineer [Assistant] – Ben Debiase, Ed Marx
Executive-Producer – Doug Mann
Mixed By – Jeff Alford
Mixed By [Mix Consultant] – Rick Brainer
Performer [Code Of Ethics Is] – Barry Blazs
Producer, Written-By – Barry Blazs, Gerald Josef
Remix – John Jaszcz

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Copyright © – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Distributed By – Starsong Communications
Recorded At – Bethesda Christian Cathedral Studio
Mixed At – Mangum Alford Studios
Remixed At – Studio A, Dearborn Heights, MI
Designed At – Sudden Images Studio
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia
Copyright © – Starstruck Music

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Code Of Ethics – Visual Paradox – 1991”

  1. “I think the risk was putting a 1985 sound(ing) album out in 1991(,) but were talking about the Christian genre” – That sums up CCM very well. It’s the only genre I know that would take the phrase “that’s so 3 years ago” as a compliment.
    I know I give you guys a hard time with your typos, and I can stop at anytime. But first sentences are important, they set the tone for the reader and help establish credibility. In that first sentence, you have a that in the middle, which doesn’t mesh well with the it at the end. There are multiple ways to fix it. I would suggest: This is the first album from Code of Ethics, they have a demo put out in 1990 that we have been unable to find. I removed the though, but it works with it as well.

    1. Yes, I am making a comment on my comment. But looking at my suggested first sentence, I think i would work better with a second comma between 1990 and that. I even nitpick my own work.

    2. I’ll be honest. These reviews are written very quickly and while I try to get them right I just don’t have the time. This whole project occupies about 30 hours a week and as we make no money I can’t justify bumping it up another 4 to 5 hours to proper comprehensive and grammatically correct reviews. If people point out spelling errors I usually correct them.

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