The Reps – Bad Boy At School – 1983

There is very little info on this album out there but I have put together a few things. The band included husband and wife team John & Sue Ritter. They went on to record another album in 1994 that included a couple tracks from this album. Unfortunately it is even more obscure than this album. Sue was a prolific writer in the 80’s and 90’s having written several Christian books. As for the album it’s kind of a mix of styles including some Ska and some new wave. I hear a lot of talent here and I wish they would have recorded another album which this lineup. The album was produced by Mark Williamson (Mark Williamson Band/Lyrix) but this was relatively early in his career and I don’t think he was a strong producer at this point. Maybe a more experienced producer could have lead this band to a more consistent album. That aside I actually really like this album for some reason. I definitely hear some things I like here.

1 – Laugh – 2:33
2 – Someone’s Hero – 3:41
3 – Face To Face – 3:01
4 – One Way Love – 3:47
5 – Bad Boy At School – 3:24
6 – Second Time Around – 3:10
7 – Shadows Falling – 3:13
8 – Rebel – 3:03
9 – The Moon Shines Red – 3:50
10 – Movin’ On – 2:17

John Ritter = Lead Vocals, Guitar, Writter
Sue Ritter = Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Writter
Andy Clark = Guitar, Vocals.
Paul Raper = Bass, Vocals.
Jo Stephens = Drums, Vocals.
Mark Williamson – Produce, Engineer
Vladimir Vanazzawith & Max Waxahotti – Mix
Wesley Mahan & Quest Graphics – Album Art

Companies, etc.
All songs published through Thankyou Music.
Kingsway Music record company

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