Altar Boys – When You’re A Rebel – 1985

When You’re A Rebel was the second album from the Altar Boys. The first album had sold well considering the style of the music, and the second sold better establishing the Altar Boys as a mainstream Christian band regardless of the punk flavourings of their music. The album was also released in Germany but unfortunately I was unable to find any sales numbers. I’d be interested to know how well it did there.

Track Listing:
1 – Difference In Me – 4:06
2 – More Of You – 2:58
3 – Calling Out To Believers! – 3:23
4 – When I’m With God – 2:33
5 – I’m Into God (Reprise) – 1:44
6 – When You’re A Rebel – 3:58
7 – Jesus Is Number One – 2:46
8 – If You Let Him In – 2:25
9 – When I See You – 3:08
10 – He Knows You Better – 2:58
11 – Does God’s Heart Cry? – 4:35

Bass, Piano, Backing Vocals – Rick Alba
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Jeff Crandall
Engineer – Derald Daugherty
Guitar [Additional] – Steve Pannier
Guitar, Vocals – Mike Stand
Mixed By – Leroy Cahuenga
Producer – B.B. Stone

Youth Choir – Voices In Shadows – 1985

This is the introductory album from Youth Choir, later known as Choir.

They were one of the many great bands that came out of Calvary Chapel in Orange County, California in the 80’s. The band featured Derald Daugherty of Lost Dogs fame along with Steve Hindalong, and Mike Sauerbrey.

This album has a pure new wave sound with hints of U2. The single “Someone’s Calling” was well received and received regular airplay in Christian radio.

Point of trivia is that Steve Hindalong was credited with playing drums but the drums on the album are completely electronic.

Track Listing:
1 – Someone’s Calling – 4:27
2 – Wounds Of A Young Heart – 2:38
3 – Dreams – 3:48
4 – Another Heart – 3:32
5 – Why Are All The Children Crying – 4:31
6 – Another World – 3:54
7 – Here In The Night – 4:17
8 – Alright Tonight – 2:54
9 – Anyone But You – 3:34
10 – A Million Years – 3:41

Bass [Uncredited] – Mike Sauerbrey
Design [Sleeve] – Ed McTaggart
Design, Layout, Artwork By [Photo Illustration] – Kevin Short
Other [Crewed By] – Bob Salcedo, Tim Curiel
Other [Live Sound] – Dave Hackbarth
Percussion [Uncredited] – Steve Hindalong
Photography – Scott Lockwood
Photography [Back Cover] – Linda Baley
Producer, Engineer – Thom Roy
Vocals [Uncredited], Guitar [Uncredited] – Derald Daugherty
Written-By, Performer – Youth Choir

Lost Dogs – Scenic Routes – 1992

The “Lost Dogs” are a CCM supergroup that started in 1992. They are a collection of experienced musicians that have all been in multiple successful CCM bands. The name fits when things start out, but they went on to make a dozen or so studio albums.

Scenic Routes is the debut album from this group and on the cover it states “Lost Dogs are Terry Taylor, Mike Roe, Derri Daugherty.” That’s an impressive lineup to begin with.

That’s Terry Taylor (DA, Swirling Eddies), Mike Roe (77s), Derri Daugherty (The Choir, Swirling Eddies). They are also joined by Gene Eugene (Swirling Eddies, Adam Again) on this album. Of course these guys were all in other bands besides the ones I’ve listed, but this is an impressive group resume already.

Considering these guys are all from various CCM punk bands, this is an unexpected but excellent change of pace. The songs range from blues to folk to country to traditional, all with excellent arrangements that work well with the voices of all three singers. “Built For Glory, Made To Last” is a great example of hearing them all sing together, sharing both lead and backing vocals.

The Stephen Foster classic “Hard Times Come Again No More” is a 19th century standard that they have fit perfectly into this set. (Trivia: re-watch the barroom scene with the piano player in the movie Tombstone.)

“I Am A Pilgrim” was made famous by The Birds but is listed here as a traditional. Once again, the Dogs deliver on this one with a great country folk feel and strong harmony.

“Lord Protect My Child” is a Bob Dylan cover done well, which can be an extremely tricky thing to pull off. They stay true to the feel of a Dylan song, but don’t try to imitate too closely. That seems to be what makes it work.

There are some excellent original tunes with lyrics that range from serious and biting to funny and biting. The album moves along at a good pace, and although it goes through some dark places (“Why Is The Devil Red” and “The Last Testament Of Angus Shane” among others), at the end leaves you with a breath of fresh air.

Even the original songs on this album sound like traditionals and classics. It’s the hallmark of excellent writing.

Track Listing:
1 – Scenic Routes – 2:29
2 – You Gotta Move – 3:54
3 – Built For Glory, Made To Last – 5:29
4 – Bullet Train – 5:24
5 – The Fortunate Sons – 4:37
6 – The New Physics – 4:06
7 – I Am A Pilgrim – 3:41
8 – Lord, Protect My Child – 4:53
9 – Amber Waves Goodbye – 3:53
10 – Bush League – 1:53
11 – Old And Lonesome – 4:53
12 – I Can’t Say Goodbye – 5:00
13 – Why Is The Devil Red? – 2:52
14 – Smokescreen – 2:27
15 – The Last Testament Of Angus Shane – 4:09
16 – Hard Times Come Again No More – 2:13
17 – Breathe Deep – 3:34

Art Direction, Photography By [All Photography] – Anna Cardenas
Band [Lost Dogs Are], Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Gene Eugene
Band [Lost Dogs Are], Guitar, Vocals – Derri Daugherty, Mike Roe*, Terry Taylor
Engineer [Engineered By] – Gene*
Engineer [Engineered With] – Derri*, Rob Watson, Terry*
Guest [With], Dobro, Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar – Greg Kellogg
Guest [With], Drums, Percussion – Burleigh Drummond
Guest [With], Violin – James Sitterly
Producer [Produced By] – Derri Daugherty, Gene Eugene, Mike Roe*, Terry Taylor