Morningstar – Heart Of A Servant – 1985

Here’s another rarity from the 80’s. It’s a great AOR album but was released on tiny label Straight Ahead Records and I can’t see if it had a distribution deal. As such it isn’t very well known. I find this quite odd because John Andrew Schreiner is in the lineup and he was legendary. You may not recognize the name but he wrote many of the hits you know from CCM and worked in the studio with many many bands you are familiar with. I would have figured with a name like that on the album some larger label would have wanted this release but nope. Furthermore it was co-produced by Tim Archer. It’s actually the second album from Morningstar and by the way don’t confuse them with Morning Star who were a different band. Anyway you probably missed this one in the 80 so you should give it a listen if you like your music a little mellower.

1 – Where Could I Go – 4:07
2 – You’ve Got To Love Somebody – 4:01
3 – Read It For Yourself – 2:32
4 – Time’s A Wastin’ – 4:22
5 – In The World – 2:48
6 – Heart Of A Servant – 3:26
7 – Friend Of A Friend – 3:40
8 – Angel Of Light – 3:00
9 – Move On Up The Mountain – 3:34
10 – Serving You – 3:07

Backing Vocals – Denise Graves, Gary Floyd, Gene Miller, Steve Archer
Backing Vocals, Producer, Executive Producer – Tim Archer
Bass – Keith Nelson, Tim Jaquette
Drums, Percussion – Dave Spurr
Guitar – Prince Robinson
Guitar, Percussion – Bob Somma
Keyboards – John Andrew Schreiner
Performer – Al Ray Hebert, Chris Springer, Jeff Meador, Jesse Conte, Juddy Harris, Lee Matthews, Rickey Baxley
Producer – Dan Cutrona