Pauline Filby – Show Me A Rainbow – 1969

This may be the oldest album we’ve ever uploaded and while we hear time and time again that Larry Norman was the first Christian artist that simply isn’t true as Jesus Music was in full swing when he showed up on the scene and this album was part of that scene. Pauline falls in as a member of my After The Fire tentacles series. Well, kind of. Before ATF there was Narnia which had three future ATF members and also in Narnia was Pauline. So she’s not really a tentacle but perhaps one of the suction cups as she definitely has a place in the history of ATF. Anyway this is her one and only solo album and it came out several years before Narnia. It has a 70’s folk sound and I was actually quite surprised at how good it was. Track seven “Satisfied Mind” is a cover of a song that you are probably more familiar with as a Dylan track but it’s actually a cover of a Porter Wagoner song written by Jack Rhodes and Red Hayes in 1963. If you want to actually hear the origins of CCM music here’s a great place to start.

1 – A Day – 2:11
2 – Believe – 2:04
3 – Trouble – 2:16
4 – Loneliness – 2:01
5 – Tramp On The Street – 4:29
6 – Show Me A Rainbow – 3:35
7 – Satisfied Mind – 3:49
8 – Friday Street – 3:19
9 – Jigsaw – 4:05
10 – The Temptation – 3:21
11 – Amen – 1:58

Artwork [Sleeve] – Celia Parratt
Banjo, Harmonica – Jack Watson
Bass, Guitar – Bill Pownall
Clarinet – Brian Osmond
Drums – Tim Anderson
Flute – Brian Cresswell
Guitar – Gordon Giltrap
Harmonica – Bruce Duncan
Liner Notes – Barron Antony
Photography By – Clifford Shirley
Written-By – Pauline Filby