Redeemer – The Light Is Struck And The Darkness Splits! – 1990

This is one of the odder releases I’ve stumbled across while researching Christian Metal music. This album was only released in Australia though it was reissued in Greece in 2020. Even though it was released in 1990 it was only issued on Vinyl with only 1000 copies printed. The album is a self release gatefold with the lyrics on the inside. I was told they were a thrash band so I prepared myself for that horror when I sat down to listen to the album. Instead I found a project as opposed to an album with several of the tracks having a progressive feel. At best I would describe the thrash tracks as thrash lite. It is actually quite a bearable album and I admit that there are a couple really good tracks here. Remember I detest thrash so this is saying a lot. I was also delighted to hear a female vocalist on a “thrash” album. This is a fascinating project and I congratulate the band on a job well done. Again not my style but really this is a pretty good album.

1 – The Light Is Struck – 2:29
2 – Heavy And Loud – 4:37
3 – Sinner – 4:07
4 – Transmuter – 4:24
5 – Magician – 5:18
6 – Metallic Frenzy – 6:53
7 – Apocalypse Riders – 5:07
8 – Burn In Hell – 5:36
9 – The Darkness Splits – 0:39

Mick Johnson – Bass
Scott Cooper – Drums
Adam Johnson – Guitars
Craig Vine – Guitars
Cindy Greenwood – Vocals