Rockland Road – Planet Time – 1977

OK lets see if I can get the story of where these guys came from right. Follow along now. It all starts with the Oakridge Boys in the early 70’s. In 1974 the backing band for the Oak Ridge Boys put out an album using the moniker “The Oakes Band”. It was on the label “Rockland Road” (foreshadowing alert) which appears to be a tiny label owned by The Oak Ridge Boys”. Then in 1977 Skip Mitchell, Don Breland, and Mark Ellerbee from The Oakes Band did this project. Joining them was Garland Craft and vocalist Christine Lakeland. Now if you made it through that let’s talk about the music. The album was first released in Sweden with 11 tracks and was then released in the United States a few months later with 10 tracks. This is odd as they were an American band and most of the album was recorded in Nashville but I’m sure there’s a good backstory to it. The United States version omitted the #11 Track “Did You?”. That track is included in the playlist as we have uploaded the Swedish version.

The album is great and in fact I would say it is probably a notch up from most of the Jesus Music albums of the day. “For Crying Out Loud” is a pretty good 70’s rocking song but my favourite track is a blues/southern gospel song entitled “The Shelter”. That style will always be timeless. As you can see there’s a few different styles on this album which really was typical of the period. That said they do a great job with all the styles and this will go down as one my favourite 70’s albums.

1 – Planet Time – 5:30
2 – Jesus Wasn’t In It For The Dollar – 2:14
3 – The Shelter – 4:35
4 – I Could Be Forever – 3:04
5 – Somebody Lead Me – 3:38
6 – Alpha And Omega – 1:35
7 – For Crying Out Loud – 3:52
8 – Children – 4:10
9 – All His Love – 3:12
10 – Heaven Is A High Place – 3:12
11 – Did You? – 3:52 (Swedish Version Only)

Skip Mitchell – Guitar
Don Breland – Bass
Mark Ellerbee – Drums
Garland – Keyboards
Christine Lakeland – Voclas