Ron Moore – Dauntless – 1983

Ron Moore is not an artist I was familiar with in the 80’s which is a bit surprising as he has 8 albums in the 70’s to early 90’s time period. Now after listening to the album it is unlikely I would have purchased the album as it was not my style of music but I still should have been aware of him. Even though it’s not my style it’s very well done which is all the more reason I should have heard of him. It is a mix of AOR and Easy Listening and Ron’s guitar work and vocals are excellent. It almost has a folk sound in places and his style could have compared to Cat Stevens (your mileage may vary). One final reason I should have heard of this album/artist is that it was released on blue vinyl. While this was a gimmick in the 80’s, it’s a gimmick that drew me like a moth to a light. All in all it’s a great album from a great artist and I look forward to listening to some of his other work. By the way if you’re interested in getting a copy of his music most of it is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

1 – Sarasota – 4:18
2 – Master Plan – 2:23
3 – Deep Magic – 2:34
4 – Givers And Takers – 3:57
5 – Forgiving – 2:22
6 – The Road Forever – 3:53
7 – Waiting – 4:04
8 – Faith In Action – 2:23
9 – Stand Your Ground – 2:57
10 – Star Chasers All – 4:51
11 – Don’t Take Long – 2:34
12 – Champion – 3:27

Vocals – Ron Moore
Acoustic Guitar – Ron Moore
Electric Guitar – Ron Moore, Jim Thomas, Charlie Swanogon
Bass – Ron Moore
Synthesizer – Ron Moore, Kerry Moore, John Lawry, Dennis Ikler, Howard Eddy
Percussion – Ron Moore, Michael Addison
Drums – Walter Martin, Dennis Holt
Background Vocals – Albrecht, Roley & Moore, Ron & Kerry Moore, Scott Roley, Pat Quinn, Michael and Audrey Henderson, Sandy Wynn, Jim Thomas, Kerri Evans
Graphics – Kerry Moore
Back cover photo – Kerry Moore
Cover concept – Ron Moore, Dennis Preston, Kerry Moore
Cover illustration – Dennis Preston
Mastered by – George Graves
Producer – Ron Moore
Engineer – Bill Deaton, Bob Dennis, Ron Moore
Horse Rider – Pauly Hubbard