Ruscha – Come Alive – 1988

The Pankratz brothers changed the name of the band to Ruscha for this album. They had two previous albums as “The Russians”. If you don’t know the brothers are/were Siberian emigrants who defected from Russia in the early 80’s. It was really this album that broke the brothers into the main stream. They were featured on many newscasts and did a speaking tour in connection with the album tour. The Pop album had a mainstream feel and in fact they were negotiating with several major labels but alas as happened so often none of them took up the band and they stayed on Pan-Trax Records. This was it from the brothers but the rest of the band went on to become Legend Seven and released an album in 1993.

1 – Come Alive – 4:49
2 – Someone Listening – 3:38
3 – Broken Heart – 4:06
4 – Holy And True – 3:38
5 – Come Home – 4:21
6 – The Word Stands Forever – 4:42
7 – Burning Bridges – 4:20
8 – Exalt The Name – 3:41
9 – Do You Care? – 3:49
10 – Lord Of The Impossible – 3:15

Nikolai Pankratz – rhythm guitar, keyboard programming, bgvs
Peter Pankratz – bass guitar, bgvs, lead vocals
Andy Denton – lead vocals, bgvs
Billy Williams – drums, percussion programming
Lance Batchelder – keyboard
Michael Jackson – keyboards, bgvs, vocoder vocal, keyboard programming, string programming
Michael Jacobs – lead guitar, background vocals

Studio Credits
Produced by: Nikolai R. Pankratz & Bubba Smith
Executive Producer: Nikolai R. Pankratz
Mike Radovsky – drums
Duncan Mullins – bass, drum programming
Tom Hemby – guitar
Phil Naish – keyboards, bass programming
Tim Akers – keyboards
George Cocchini – guitar
Mark Douthit – sax
Jeff Teague – drums
Bubba Smith – cymbals
Recorded at: Gold Mine, Omni, Bullet, & Stage III studios
Mixed at: Woodland Studio