The Lonely Now – Captive – 1986

First of all I would like to apologize for the poor quality of this release. We did the best we could with a 35 year old cassette that sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track with a potato. Now I’m gonna cut the band some slack here because they admit they recorded it in their house so it probably was recorded on a 4 track. My real criticism is for Narrowpath Records who should never have released an album with this quality. Normally we wouldn’t release something this poorly recorded but in this instance we decided due to high quality of the songs we are going to. The Lonely Now was Greg Sostrom (Strange), Kevin Riemer, and Phil Watson and wow did these guys mesh nicely. This album has some of the best New Wave in the Christina Genre. This became one of my favourite New Wave bands of the 80’s instantly upon hearing it. Or at least after I worked on it for several hours trying to improve the quality. So my whole point here is try to forgive the quality because the music here is fantastic if you like New Wave.

1 – Reject A Thought – 3:19
2 – If I Could – 3:52
3 – Running Faster – 4:05
4 – A.R.C. – 3:22
5 – All My Dreams – 3:19
6 – Captive – 3:36
7 – Dead Of Night – 3:47
8 – Thunderclouds – 3:39
9 – Traitor – 3:28
10 – No Secrets – 3:00
11 – How Many More – 3:17

Greg Sostrom – Lead vocals, guitar
Kevin Riemer – Vocals, drums
Phil Watson – Vocals, bass guitar

Companies, etc.
Label – Narrowpath Records