Larry Norman And The Young Lions – Quiet Night – 1984

This is the only known release of “Larry Norman and The Young Lions.” The Young Lions didn’t become anything else, but I believe that this was one of the records where he used his brother Charly as one of the creative musicians. Charly toured with him on the Stop This Flight Tour, and around this time was working on a career, although we never did seem much of him on his own.

The lead-out groove on side one says (in addition to the serial number ARF-864), “Larry & Charly” and the lead-out groove on side two says The Young Lions “Quiet Night.” For all I know this might mean they were the only two musicians on the album. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Most of the songs on this record are written by Tom Howard. Larry added 2 of his own tracks on each side. (Sigrid Jane, I Don’t Wanna Lose You, and two “L’etude”).

This is one of two records where Larry focused on recording Tom’s songs. The other one is “Letter of the Law” which appears in the bARCHAEOLOGY set. Larry was producing Tom and trying to promote him, unsuccessfully. He recorded some of his songs in attempt to generate some interest and popularity for Tom’s records. Tom did have a couple of moderately successful albums but then switched to doing recordings more focused on just playing piano.

Quiet Night is often referenced as “Jamaican Import” but it was available in the US direct from Phydeaux. Perhaps it was popular in Jamaica.

1 – Iron And Steel
2 – Shine Your Light
3 – I Found Love
4 – Let The Master Make It Right
5 – Piano L’etude
6 – Sigrid Jane
7 – Stronger Love
8 – Farther On
9 – Come On In
10 – Drum L’etude
11 – I Don’t Wanna Lose You
12 – Jesus Is The Song Inside Of Me