CIA – (self titled) EP – 1984

In 1984 on a sampler from record label MRC (Ministry Resource Center) there was a track from a band called CIA. For almost all of us this was our entire exposure to the band as we never saw an album from them.

However, there actually was a demo/EP release from them and this is it. It is very rare and was actually only released on cassette. They were a new wave band that fit well in the MRC family that included Altar Boys and Undercover.

They really should have had more success, but the music industry is a strange world where sometimes we don’t get to hear the best.

Track Listing:
1 – Your Eyes
2 – Reaching Out
3 – I Don’t Choose the World
4 – I Want to Dance
5 – Don’t Turn Away
6 – In God We Trust

Lead vocals – Rob Hall
Bass guitar – Bob Wohler
Lead guitar – Larry Worley
Drums – James Mohline
Synthesizer – Hans Van Tatenhoue

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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