Matrix – Monkey See, Monkey Do – 1984

Before there was Bride there was Matrix. Matrix put a lot of effort into getting their music out regardless of a record deal. They actually produced 4 Demo’s before getting a record deal and this is #2 of those 4. This demo had a couple tracks that would later be released as Bride. I listened to both the demo and album versions of “Heroes”, and “All Hallow’s Eve” and I think I prefer the raw sound of the demo versions to be honest. All in all this is a very good sounding Demo and must have been a great prize to have at the time. Of course now it’s almost impossible to come by but luckily Bride re-released all their demo’s on CD in 2001.

1 – Heroes – 3:29
2 – Fright – 3:26
3 – Remember Me – 4:22
4 – Now You See Me (Now You Don’t) – 3:08
5 – All Hallow’s Eve – 2:37
6 – Slippin’ into the Light – 2:58
7 – We Are Going to Make It – 3:37
8 – Look at Me Now – 4:11
9 – He’s the Flyer – 3:42
10 – What Must I Do – 3:56

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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