Covenant – Traps – 1985

Covenant is another band I know nothing about. Usually I try to avoid releasing bands I don’t know until I know something about them but in this case I wanted to get this album out there. I love this album. It has that early 80’s raw feel like a Servant or Barnabas. The album is well produced but the raw sound comes through and I love it. I’m sure this description will be updated once someone tells me about the band. Do you know them?

1 – Ending Of Time
2 – Traps
3 – Don’t Give Up
4 – He’s There
5 – Out From The Dark
6 – Hustler
7 – A Special Friend
8 – Tough Guy
9 – Give Your Life To The Lord
10 – It’s All Gonna Burn

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Covenant – Traps – 1985”

  1. Covenant was formed as John Contois and I worked together in a machine shop. As we wrote songs, John’s friend Jeff Van Patten and Tom Pope joined on drums and bass to form Covenant. We were from Lake County, Illinois. We recorded two albums and toured for a couple of years. “Hustler” got some airplay.
    We converted an old school bus and played everything from youth groups to Greenfest in Canada. Coming back from Greenfest, we had Steve Taylor, Darrell Mansfield and another group in our bus. Driving everyone to the airport was a memory for sure.
    At almost all of our gigs, we ended with an alter call.
    When Tom Pope left us, Dan Lalond joined the group and played guitar along side John and bass.
    As we got more exposure, we got flack from pastors about our music not being of God. We began playing secular gigs to reach a broader audience of youth who didn’t have a chance to hear the Gospel.
    I am so excited to her that you liked what we did. We’re all spread out now, me in Florida, and the others across the Midwest. Thank you for your words. I pray the music inspires still. Thanks again for the nod.

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