Divine Right – Tongues Of Fire – 1987

This is one of 3 demos from Divine Right who was really just Kevin Brandow playing all of the instruments. I couldn’t find out much about Kevin other than he joined Petra for their 1998 album, God Fixation. He is obviously a very talented musician as evidenced by him playing all the instruments on this demo which is no easy feat. The album has a Hard Rock/Metal feel and the songs themselves are first rate but the quality of the recordings is a bit questionable. This may or may not be a result of production but more likely it’s that the source copy was a cassette. Anyway head bangers give this one a listen, I bet you’ll like it.

1 – Tongues Of Fire
2 – On Guard
3 – Far Far Away
4 – One Way
5 – Mystery Uncovered
6 – Silent Victory
7 – Lightning

Cover Art – Julie Alvaro
Instruments and Vocals – Kevin Brandow
Mixed By – Mark Goyette
Produced By – Traci Leigh
Rhythm Guitar – Bob Alvaro

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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