Ron Collins – Simple Man – 1992

In the mid eighties there was a CCM band called Twenty Twenty. They had 2 albums and though not the biggest name in CCM music they were very good and had a pretty good following. I’d say almost a cult following but I hate using the word cult in connection with Christian music. The lead singer of that band was Ron Collins and in 1992 he reappeared with this album. Ron was joined by what was essentially David and the Giants and the album was released on their label, Giant Record. It is a very good album with a very strong 80’s pop sound but I think the sound might have been a little late for 1992 but what do I know. It’s 2020 as I write this and I love it.

1 – Run The Race – 4:41
2 – All I Know – 4:01
3 – Beautiful Day – 3:43
4 – There Is A Place – 4:07
5 – I’ll Never Stop – 4:03
6 – Sing For Freedom – 4:51
7 – Nothing But The Best – 4:22
8 – Where Do We Go From Here – 3:55
9 – Into Your Will – 4:07
10 – I Don’t Want To See You Fall Away – 4:11

Lead Vocals – Ron Collins
Keyboards, Harmonica – Rayborn Huff
Percussion, Drums – Lance Huff
Bass – Clayborn Huff
Guitars – David Huff
Keyboards – Nate Sabin
Producer – David Huff

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

One thought on “Ron Collins – Simple Man – 1992”

  1. I was very fortunate to not only enjoy singing with Ron in our church choir while I was growing up , but I had the privilege of running sound for him on a tour of this album.
    Ron is truly the genuine article and an amazing worship leader. He led our youth worship band as well. He was always positive and knew just how to keep things positive and challenge us to be better at the same time.
    Our church was named First Assembly of God in Shreveport, LA at the time (now Shreveport Community Church).
    This was a great album!

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