Idle Cure – Idle Cure – 1986

In the mid/late 80’s metal bands were all the rage in CCM. Unfortunately many just didn’t quite have it quite yet but CCM labels were begging for the genre. Along come Idle Cure and they were tight and ready for the market. Their sound was a but of Def Leppard, a bit of Van Halen, and maybe even Bon Jovi. Feel free to completely disagree with me. Personally I don’t really classify them as metal but instead hard rock or metal pop. The metal pop sound was very well received and quite frankly this is not my style of music but I love this album. While I researched the band I found it interesting that drummer Dave Spurr had previously played with Phil Keaggy and other worship oriented bands, wow what a shift. Breakaway and Come Alive are on regular rotation on my personal mp3 playlist.


Track Listing
1 – Breakaway – 4:00
2 – Silent Hope – 4:05
3 – Take It – 4:41
4 – Feeling the Heat – 4:15
5 – Come Back to Me – 4:07
6 – Overdrive – 4:33
7 – From the Heart – 5:01
8 – Come Alive – 4:24

Mark Ambrose – Composer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Bill Baumgart – Composer, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals, Engineer, Producer
Allison Beech – Vocals
Tim Browne – Guitar
Terrence Elliot – Guitar
Michael Hamilton – Guitar
Tim Heintz – Keyboards
Marc Hugenberger – Keyboards
Chuck King – Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Pete Lomakin – Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Marienthal – Saxophone
Steve Shannon – Bass, Composer, Vocals
Bob Somma – Guitar
Dave Spurr – Drums
Ed McTaggart – Art Direction, Design
Dave Jahnsen – Engineer [Assistant]
Kirt Shearer – Engineer [Assistant]
Jeff Foster – Illustration
Linda Dillon Baley – Photography

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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