Boys Club – Demo 1 – 1987

In 1987 when their Branded tour was over Gym and Sim from Undercover decided to form a new project and cut a couple demo’s. Ojo was off doing is own thing and took Gary with him. Gym and Sim were joined on Drums by Rod Learned (Berlin, yes that Berlin “Sex”) on Drums, Jeff Sheets (Dead Artist Syndrome) on Keyboards, and Fred MacGregor (no idea who he is) on Bass. There are a few tracks on the second demo that would appear on the 1990 Undercover release “Balance Of Power” but none of the tracks on this demo were ever heard again. This is all I know about this project. The demo itself has an excellent new wave feel and sound. I don’t understand why someone didn’t pick this album up and release it. The quality of the mix/production is as good as anything else that came out at the time. Maybe it was legal issues due to two members being signed to Broken Records but that’s just a guess. Anyway it’s a great demo and a treat for Undercover fans who want a little more.

1 – Never Been Here – 2:56
2 – I Love You – 3:04
3 – Whisper – 2:52
4 – Satisfied – 3:42
5 – Hungry For You – 3:41
6 – Kingdom Come – 3:11
7 – Once Is Never Enough – 3:35
8 – Betrayed – 2:35
9 – Passion On Parade – 3:51
10 – Love And Hate – 3:14

Bass – Fred MacGregor
Drums – Rod Learned
Keyboards – Jeff Sheets
Vocals, Guitar – Gym Nicholson
Vocals – Sim Wilson

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Boys Club – Demo 1 – 1987”

  1. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for keeping the Boys Club recordings available. I just wanted to know that some of the recordings you have posted as “Demo 2” are actually a live 24 track that was really only for the band to use to hear the set as it was. No overdubs, no extra tracks, no backup vocals. Just five guys in a room. Demo 2 only has 4 songs.
    I’m curious to know how you got those. The glitch on “How It Used To Be” as you posted came from my personal copy and I shared with like two people. I have a few radio versions of songs not on your list or on the demos if you are interested. Let me know. On a side note, was the
    “no idea who he is” remark really necessary? 🤣

  2. Well, never heard back from you Ray. Just wanted to help you post accurate info as your timelines, history and credits are incorrect on the Boys Club posts. I don’t have a problem with you asking for money to keep these posts active as long as they’re accurate.

    1. Hi Fred, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We get somewhere upwards of 25 messages a day and I have to weed through them to try to figure out who to reply to. As for where we got these recordings I truly can not remember. We have access to several very large collections including a few radio station archives. We posted these in 2020 so to be completely honest I don’t even remember the albums at this point as we post several hundred albums a year. Can you give me a little more detail as to these 2 “albums” so I can indeed fix the description up. Also if you would like to share anything with us email me at “” I’d like to get the information right on all the songs/albums. Also I was not slighting you when I said “no idea who he is”. I just really don’t know who you are. I assume you worked on other projects but I just don’t know which ones. I fdid find the following info, can you confirm if this is correct?

      Thanks for helping us get this info correct.

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