Simon Adahl – I’m In Touch – 1985

We usual associate Simon Adahl with the band Edin-Ådahl but in 1985 he took some time to release his own album. He was joined by his brother Frank Ådahl (also in Edin-Ådahl) and brother Dan Adahl. The brothers actually had an album together back in 1977 only available in Swedish. This album had the same basic new wave sound as Edin-Ådahl but actually done better and I really think he was stronger on this album. The vocals are much better and his accent gives the English version of this album a little more of an exotic sound. This album was also available in Swedish which unfortunately at the time of this writing I can not find. The inclusion of a song called “MTV” pretty well insured that there was no point in doing a video, it would never get played anyway. So if you remember liking Howard Jones in the 80’s you might want to give this album a listen, I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

1 – (You’re An) Unknown Identity – 2:58
2 – Shadows – 3:18
3 – Carousel – 4:21
4 – Too Many Wise Men – 4:38
5 – MTV – 2:57
6 – I’m In Touch – 3:58
7 – No Words On Earth – 2:31
8 – I Feel Good – 3:26
9 – Hello Operator – 3:20
10 – And You My Friend – 3:09

Dan Adahl – Grand Piano
Frank Adahl – Keyboards
Simon Adahl – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Sven Eric Dahl – Lyrics
Gary Dingott – Lyrics, Background Vocals
Mats Ericson – Saxophone
Dan Gansmoe – Drums
Tommy Kasa – Guitar, Guitar-Synthesizer
Patrick Lindberg – Percussion, Background Vocals
Bernard Lohr – Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Background Vocals
Anders Mossberg – Bass
Jokka Palonen – Hammond Organ, DX-7
Ken Wennerholm – Trumpet, Background Vocals

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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