Lust Control – This Is A Condom Nation – 1988

Lust Control was formed by Doug Van Pelt. He brought together Maury Millican, Philip Owens, and Paul Q-Pek into the project. Strangely Owens and Q’Pek are from One Bad Pig. Lust Control were doing something different in singing (I use that term loosely) about very controversial topics. They maintained an anonymous identity by using pseudonyms on the albums and even more strangely wearing ski masks while performing. This was their demo and was also put on cassette and CD for sale. They quickly developed a cult following however their controversial (read bizarre) nature pretty well terrified most the record companies so no record deal was gong to happen obviously. As for my opinion? I hate thrash, not just dislike, I actually hate it. That said I found the album humorous and fun and I really don’t think they were taking themselves too serious which isn’t a bad thing. I understand why they do have fans though because no one was doing anything this controversial.

1 – Grace – 1:43
2 – Rude Awakening – 0:43
3 – Madolyn Murray O’Hair – 2:07
4 – Wretched – 0:14
5 – Apocalyptic Nightmare – 2:56
6 – I Want To Die – 1:22
7 – Mad At The Girls – 1:54
8 – The Big ‘M’ – 3:49
9 – You Make Me Puke – 1:37
10 – There Is A Fountain/Grace Reprise – 2:42

Doug Van Pelt – Vocals
Maury Millican – Bass
Philip Owens – Drums
Paul Q-Pek – Guitar
Steve Allen – Producer, Engineer
Paul Lamond – Engineer

CD Case Front
CD Case Back

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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