Bryn Haworth – Blue And Gold – 1989

This album was recorded right when Haworth started worked with the SW London Vineyard developing their worship and prison ministry. I always consider artists who do prison ministry to be one notch above others. Prison ministry is very difficult and just getting into a prison to play music is very labour intensive and requires a level of dedication few artists have. As for the album well it can best be classified as a rock album with some blues tracks but Haworth is really one of those artists that is difficult to pigeon hole into a genre. The album may also have the best version ever of Joy, Joy, Joy. Yes the one from Sunday School. The album was released on Edge records but strangely it was picked up and re-released by Refuge Records in 1991.

1 – We’re All One (’89) – 4:04
2 – Cover For Me – 3:26
3 – I Serve A Risen Saviour – 3:27
4 – Two Worlds – 4:11
5 – Give Me Your Heart – 5:04
6 – Joy, Joy, Joy – 3:27
7 – Word Of Our God – 4:24
8 – Waiting – 4:18
9 – Is This Love ? – 4:45
10 – Hurt People – 4:25
11 – Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness – 6:29

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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