Bryn Haworth – Blue And Gold – 1989

This album was recorded right when Haworth started worked with the SW London Vineyard developing their worship and prison ministry. I always consider artists who do prison ministry to be one notch above others. Prison ministry is very difficult and just getting into a prison to play music is very labour intensive and requires a level of dedication few artists have. As for the album well it can best be classified as a rock album with some blues tracks but Haworth is really one of those artists that is difficult to pigeon hole into a genre. The album may also have the best version ever of Joy, Joy, Joy. Yes the one from Sunday School. The album was released on Edge records but strangely it was picked up and re-released by Refuge Records in 1991.

1 – We’re All One (’89) – 4:04
2 – Cover For Me – 3:26
3 – I Serve A Risen Saviour – 3:27
4 – Two Worlds – 4:11
5 – Give Me Your Heart – 5:04
6 – Joy, Joy, Joy – 3:27
7 – Word Of Our God – 4:24
8 – Waiting – 4:18
9 – Is This Love ? – 4:45
10 – Hurt People – 4:25
11 – Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness – 6:29

Bryn Haworth – Mountain Mover – 1985

This is the eighth studio album by Bryn Haworth. It follows up to where “Pass It On” left off with a very similar sound and feel. During the release of this album Bryn was actually touring with Cliff Richard and also supplied some tracks for a Gerry Rafferty album. He actually appeared on 5 of Rafferty’s albums. There’s really not that much info out there on this album so this is going to be pretty short. Personally this is probably my Favorite album by him and it’s a must listen to if you’ve liked any of his other work. While researching this album I discovered that Bryn never had a single on the CCM charts. Considering he was pretty popular I sure find this odd.

1 – Mountain Mover – 5:15
2 – Forever In Love – 5:13
3 – Reeling And Rocking – 6:01
4 – Slipping And Falling – 4:29
5 – Land Of The Living – 2:52
6 – Teach Me Your Way – 4:01
7 – Victory Song – 3:31
8 – Making The Most Of What You’ve Got – 3:57
9 – Saturday Morning – 4:16
10 – Nature Of The Man – 7:35

Bass – Dave Markee
Drums – Henry Spinetti
Engineer – Laurence Burrage
Horns – Mel Collins
Piano, Keyboards – Chris Stainton
Photography – Nigel Skelsey
Saxophone – Mel Collins
Synthesizer – Jeff Hammer
Vocals, Guitar, Producer – Bryn Haworth
Written-By – Bryn Haworth, M. Aikens

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Word Records Limited
Recorded At – Chapel Lane Studios

Larry Norman – Back To America – 1985

This EP was released in 1985 when Larry made his big announcement that he was moving back to America after spending a lot of time working in Europe.

Between about 1980 and 1985 he worked with a lot of artists from UK and Western Europe, including Alwyn Wall, Bryn Haworth, Lyrix, Q-Stone and a lot of others. Larry really wanted to find a home for himself again where he grew up, on the West Coast.

Presumably he was hoping for a warm welcome this time after having a hard time releasing some of the music he wanted to put out in the 1970s.

The live version of “Messiah” showed off a mature sound compared to his early rock days. “It’s Only Today That Counts” is one type of prophetic song that Larry liked to write, urging people to make take life very seriously.

Side two is music and interview intertwined. Larry never gave up any opportunity to get his own words in about his own words. Rather than wait for interview requests to come in, he put this record out there with his side of the interview recorded. All that was necessary for anyone to use it was to set up the questions by either introducing them, or by fake-interviewing Larry using this material.

Here are some excerpts from the interview portions:

“I’m coming back to America, with the Young Lions. We’re going to do 200 concerts, go to all 50 states. There’s anew album coming out.
there’s a live album and video from my foreign tours. That will be available next year.”

“When I was nine I got real serious about music and started writing about my feelings, my beliefs, things that were happening to me and my friends at school.”

“When Elvis Presley came along, he wasn’t doing anything new. He was just doing Black gospel music, only instead of talking about his saviour he talked about his ‘baby.'” Rock’n’roll came from the Church. It belongs to the Church. Rock’n’roll seems now to be providence of non-believers while the Church sits on the side and denounces rock’n’roll, says that it’s ungodly music and that if you play it backwards you hear secret satanic messages.”

“Certainly the lifestyles of the people performing rock’n’roll doesn’t coincide with the moral overviews of the Christian church but rock’n’roll was Black music and it came from the early American Black church. and I don’t know why we should let anyone steal it from us. It belongs to us I think we should steal it back.”

1 – Messiah (Live)
2 – It’s Only Today That Counts
Side 2 – Interview
If The Bombs Fall
Letter To A Friend
Woman Of God (Proverbs 31)
Soul On Fire (1968 Version) and more.

Bass – Charly Norman
Drums – Kenny Bam Boom
Guitar, Keyboards – Larry Norman
Lead Guitar – Jon Linn
Rhythm Guitar – Bill Romansky
Written-By – Larry Norman

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Stress Records
Copyright (c) – Stress Records
Published By – Six Blue Lions
Mastered At – Sheffield Lab Matrix – △11008

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Side 1
Side 2

Bryn Haworth – Grand Arrival – 1978

This was Bryn’s 3rd album but his first to be released in North America. It’s a rather typical 70’s Jesus music album but Bryn’s vocals do help it stand out. It’s no secret that Bryn is one of my favorite artists so I’m biased in saying this is a fantastic 70’s album. Quick point of trivia is that the Imperials provided some background harmonies which I find odd as this album was actually on A&M records and the Imperials were on Dayspring (Word). Generally speaking Christian labels and secular labels didn’t mix so well but it worked here.

1 – Come See What Love – 4:28
2 – Nothing Without You – 3:41
3 – Woman Friend – 3:00
4 – Moments – 3:00
5 – We’re All One – 4:13
6 – The Grand Arrival – 4:42
7 – Sing To The Lord – 3:42
8 – Full Day – 3:28
9 – Summer Wine – 4:28
10 – Beans On Toast – 4:43

Backing Vocals – Don Everly
Banjo – Courtney Johnson
Bass – Jessie Boyce, Joe Osborn, John Cowan, Nick Rather, Tommy Cogbill
Claves – Jerry Carrigan
Drums – Buddy Harmon, Jerry Carrigan, Karl Himmel
Engineer – Ronnie Light
Guitar – Bill Sandford, Curtis Burch
Guitar [High String, Gut String] – Harold Bradley
Guitar [High String] – Ronny Light
Guitar, Mandolin, Strings [Harpolek], Vocals – Bryn Haworth
Keyboards – Bobby Woods, Ron Oates
Mandolin – Sam Bush
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Piano – Bobby Woods, Hargus “Pig” Robbins
Producer – Audie Ashworth
Remix – Chris Kimsey
Saxophone – Andrew Love, Billy Puett
Steel Guitar – Buddy Emmons
Strings – Shelley Curland Strings
Trombone – Dennis Goode
Trumpet – George Tidwell, Wayne Jackson
Vocals – Halladay Sisters
Vocals [Harmony] – The Imperials
Written-By – Bryn Haworth

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – A&M Records Ltd.
Produced For – Audigram Inc.
Published By – Signalgrade
Published By – Island Music Ltd.
Recorded At – Crazy Mama’s Studios
Remixed At – Olympic Studios
Remixed At – Basing Street Studios

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Side 1
Side 2

Bryn Haworth – The Gap – 1982

This was Bryn’s 5th album but only his second to be released in North America. This album was in some way facilitated by Larry Norman but I have no idea what the arrangement was between him and Star Song and I can’t find any details on it. The album did well in all markets due in part to the quality of the backup band which was introduced as the “The Eric Clapton Band”. In reality the musicians had all played with Eric Clapton, but I think it was a bit of a stretch to call them the Eric Clapton Band. That said, they are a fantastic backup band and this album is fantastic and it ranks as one of my top 10 80’s CCM albums.

1 – The Gap – 4:54
2 – Egypt – 3:59
3 – I Can Do Things – 2:51
4 – New World Coming – 3:02
5 – It Would Have Been Me – 4:21
6 – Power Of The Holy Spirit – 2:51
7 – More Of You – 3:51
8 – New Jerusalem – 5:19
9 – No Time – 2:39
10 – Send Down The Rain – 4:53

Bass, Mandocello – Dave Markee
Design [Sleeve] – Phil Thomson
Drums – Henry Spinetti
Engineer – Paul Cobbold
Keyboards – Chris Stainton
Percussion – Bruce Rowland
Producer – Bryn Haworth, Dave Markee
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harp [Harpolek] – Bryn Haworth

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Chapel Lane Studios
Distributed By – Word

Steve Taylor & Sheila Walsh – Transatlantic Remixes – 1985

This is/was a fascinating little surprise that appeared in 1985. I’m not really too sure what transpired for this little gem to be recorded/mixed but it’s one of my favourite EP’s from the 80’s. It only has three tracks. The first track is a duet with Steve Taylor & Sheila Walsh covering the David Edwards song “Not Going To Fall Away”. Full disclaimer this is one of my all time favourite songs and this version is fantastic. If I had to make a list of my favourite songs from the 80’s this would be in the top 10. In fact it would probably be #1 or #2. It would have to fight it out with Dylan’s “Saved”. The second track is a remix of Sheila Walsh’s “We’re All One”. Michael Omartian did the remix and did a darn good job. This came off of what I think was Sheila’s best album “Don’t Hide Your Heart” and this remix of “We’re All One” is just excellent. Finally we get a remix of the Steve Taylor favourite “This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)”. Another great tune and an excellent remix. This EP was a real treat and I still remember the first time we dropped the needle on it many years ago.

1 – Not Going To Fall Away – 8:05
2 – We’re All One (Extended Version) – 5:48
3 – This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral) (Extended Version) – 5:15

Bryn Haworth – Pass It On – 1983

Pass It On was the follow up to The Gap. I loved The Gap and it is in my top 50 albums. For some reason however this album just didn’t have the same feel to me. The style is the same and the songs are good but for some reason it just didn’t resonate with me. That said if you’re a Haworth fan you’ll probably enjoy this album.

1 – Pass It On – 4:54
2 – Never Give Up On Love – 3:35
3 – Come Away – 4:10
4 – Think For Yourself – 5:09
5 – Perfect Love – 2:45
6 – The Cure – 4:01
7 – Peace And Understanding – 5:34
8 – Looking Through Different Ages – 3:34
9 – Come Over To My Place – 2:58
10 – Fear God – 3:28

Fran Byrne – Drums
Dave Charles – Drums
Terry “Tex” Comer – Bass
Steve Gregory – Flute, Saxophone
Bryn Haworth – Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Alan “Bam” King – Guitar
Dave Markee – Bass
Henry Spinetti – Drums
Peter Thoms – Horn
Pete Wingfield – Keyboards

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Chapel Lane Studios
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Chapel Lane Productions
Copyright (c) – Chapel Lane Productions
Published By – Signalgrade Ltd.

Bryn Haworth – Sunny Side of the Street – 1975

This is the second solo album from Bryn. He and his wife became Christians in 1974 and his subsequent albums reflected that in some way. This album was on a secular labels so it is not all in Christian content but there are Christian songs on the album. I had never heard any of Bryn’s work before “The Gap” so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the sound I had heard that I liked so much was present here on his earlier work. This is a great album and I think if you like “The Gap” you’ll love this earlier work of his.

1 – Good Job – 5:00
2 – Pick Me Up – 3:22
3 – Darlin’ Cory – 3:22
4 – Dance – 3:02
5 – Peace Of Mind – 2:55
6 – Give All You’ve Got To Give – 5:10
7 – Heaven Knows – 5:28
8 – The Sunny Side Of The Street – 2:30
9 – Used – 5:17
10 – Thank The Lord – 4:45

Bryn Haworth – Guitars, Vocals
Bruce Rowland – Drums
Alan Spenner – Bass
Chris Stainton – Piano, Organ
Dave Pegg – Bass
Dave Mattacks – Drums
Pete Wingfield – Piano
Pat Donaldson – Bass
Terry Stannard – Drums
Dave Swarbrick – Fiddle
Alan Munde – Banjo
Jimmy Mullen – Guitar
Tony O’malley – Piano

Various – Front Row – 1984

This is a 1984 Refuge Records sampler

Included on this sampler;

Rick Cua – “Changed” from his album No Mystery
Edin-Adahl – “Wake Up” from their album Alibi
Bonnie Bramlett – “White Dove” from her album Step By Step
Per-Erik Hallin – “You Put Another Song In My Heart” from his album Better Late Than Never
Will McFarlane – “That’s How I Know You Called Me” from his album A Colony Of Heaven
Tom Douglas – “Jesus Never Sleeps” which was not released on an album
Forerunner – “Faith Walk” from their album (a.k.a)
Jerusalem – “Time” which was released as a bonus track on the CD release of Can’t Stop Us Now
Lifesavors – “Break In My Head” from their album Dream Life
Bryn Haworth – “Never Give Up On Love” from his album Pass It On
Joe English – “Anthem” from his album The Best Is Yet To Come

1 – Rick Cua – Changed – 3:50
2 – Edin-Adahl – Wake Up – 4:14
3 – Bonnie Bramlett – White Dove – 3:31
4 – Per-Erik Hallin – You Put Another Song In My Heart – 4:13
5 – Will McFarlane – That’s How I Know You Called Me – 3:21
6 – Tom Douglas – Jesus Never Sleeps – 4:10
7 – Forerunner – Faith Walk – 4:04
8 – Jerusalem – Time – 5:50
9 – Lifesavors – Break In My Head – 2:33
10 – Bryn Haworth – Never Give Up On Love – 3:35
11 – Joe English – Anthem – 3:20