Geoff Mann – Psalm Enchanted Evening – 1986

Geoff Mann is rapidly becoming one of my favourite 80’s artists that I didn’t even know existed in the 80’s. The information on this album is pretty scant and I don’t even know where it was released though I am assuming the UK. As for the album I guess it could be best described as conceptual New Wave though your description might be different. It only came out on LP but was re-released in 1994 on a compilation disc. Strangely the re-release was actually missing the track “Peacemeal” but it was included on the re-release of Chants Would be a Fine Thing in 2004. The album appears to be entirely Geoff and Dave Mortimer but we do know Steve Millie did step in to do the Bass track on “Creation”. So if you are a fan of New Wave and you missed this one in the 80’s I strongly suggest a listen to it now.

1 – Creation – 3:50
2 – Dance – 6:29
3 – Gethsemane – 4:15
4 – Waves – 8:04
5 – Peacemeal – 8:40
6 – Flowers – 11:38

Electric Guitar – Dave Mortimer
Electronic Drums – Geoff Mann
Guitar – Dave Mortimer
Producer – Geoff Mann
Synthesizer – Geoff Mann
Voice – Geoff Mann

Companies, etc.
Recorded – Pullman Studios, Manchester.
Record Company – Wobbly Records

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

One thought on “Geoff Mann – Psalm Enchanted Evening – 1986”

  1. Not as good as its predecessor I May Sing Grace but another great album. The 1994 album In One Era was made up of the two albums but with one track from each missing so that it would fit on one CD.

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