Scepter – Scepter – 1982

Scepter is/was Craig Smith, Rick Crawford, Si Simonson, and Warren Baker and while you may not be aware of Scepter you may know these artists as all of them except Baker had solo careers. I have no idea how or why this album came about and I’m a little unsure why it wasn’t a little more known especially considering it was produce by Wayne Watson. Usually projects from Wayne got a lot more attention than this album did. It starts out as a worship oriented album but gets more upbeat as you listen to it. I think I can hear some early Petra influence. Don’t confuse these guys with the Scepter out of Canada. That version of Scepter actually changed their name to The Keep to avoid confusion between the 2 bands.

1 – Changing Me – 3:40
2 – I Believe – 4:30
3 – All You Need is Jesus – 3:34
4 – Giving It Up – 2:17
5 – I Will Be There – 3:49
6 – One More Time – 3:37
7 – Without You – 3:36
8 – Sweet Harmony – 2:57
9 – I’m So Glad – 2:46
10 – Keep on Trustin’ – 4:08

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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