Randy Stonehill – Judgment Day At The Speede Mart – 1991

This is a rather odd release. Unfortunately that’s a pretty common phrase when working with Larry Norman releases. In 1991 Larry re-released Randy’s Born Twice album from 1971. As a bonus of sorts he included an album of very early Randy live cuts. Now the odd part, the new album got released as a b side on both vinyl cuts of the album meaning, The black vinyl has side one of “Judgment Day At The Speede Mart” and side two of “Born Twice”, the blue vinyl has side one of “Born Twice” and side two of “Judgment Day At The Speede Mart”. Also there was nothing printed on the labels of either album. Pretty rare error except when it came to stuff from Larry. Anyway we’ve gathered it here into one album. As I said this is a collection of early live Randy cuts and you can tell it’s early as at times the audience doesn’t kind of get Randy’s humour. Also Randy is not as confident with his humour. The album has a few Larry tracks which is kind of fun to listen to. This is a must have if you’re a fan of Randy’s and if you’re a fan of Larry’s I’d consider it a should have.

1 – Forget Your Hexagram – 2:53
2 – Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus? – 2:32
3 – Lonely By Myself – 3:49
4 – God’s Not Dead – 2:46
5 – I’m a Servant – 3:13
6 – Norman’s Kitchen – 6:26
7 – Pardon Me – 3:46
8 – Sunset Road to Nowhere – 4:04
9 – Hasty Heart – 3:47
10 – He’s A Friend Of Mine – 4:06

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Author: Ray Mansfield

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