Angie Lewis – Heart Dance – 1985

Angie set out to have a career in music and this, her first album, is the result of that work. After high school she enrolled at the University of South Alabama as a vocal performance major and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. She moved to Nashville after college and soon captured the attention of Power Discs/Benson and recorded this EP. It was an immediate success and the track “Silent Weeper” climbed to #6 on the CCM charts. The album is full of great talent including Steve Taylor. It was produced by Billy Smiley of White Heart and he really nailed it in my opinion. If you like female pop music this album is a must listen. Even though this isn’t my favourite genre of music I really liked this album and listened to it a few times.

1 – Heartdance – 3:10
2 – Lonely Warrior – 4:16
3 – O Lord Your Love – 4:58
4 – Silent Weeper – 5:43
5 – High Rise – 3:47
6 – Be Still – 3:13

Jeff Balding – Recorded, Mixed
Mike Brignardello – Bass
Jackie Cusic – Background Vocals
Mark Gersmehl – Songwriter, Arrangements
Mark Hammond – Drums
Gary Janney – Background Vocals
Greg Jennings – Guitars
Bonnie Keen – Background Vocals
Shane Keister – Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocoder
Gordon Kennedy – Guitar Solos
Brent King – Recorded, Mixed
Angie Lewis – Songwriter, Vocals
Gary Lunn – Bass
Donna McElroy – Background Vocals
Farrell Morris – Percussion
Phil Naish – Keyboards, Synthesizer
Gary Pigg – Background Vocals
Brent Rowan – Guitars
Billy Smiley – Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements
James Stroud – Drums
Steve Taylor – Arrangements, Background Vocals
Hank Williams – Mastered

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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