The Exkursions – The Exkursions – 1971

Here we have one of the original Jesus music bands started by the legendary Mike Johnson. Originating out of Chicago the band laid the ground work for bands like Resurrection band playing in schools and coffee houses across the city. In 1971 they finally recorded and album but unfortunate they had to self release it as no record company was biting. What resulted was an album of strong 70’s rock with a more blues styling. You can just feel and hear the future influence on Rez on “It’s Been Set Down”. To me this is one of the few Jesus rock albums that has a significant period correct Cream and Hendrix sound. This was the only release from the band and we were lucky that Born Twice Records re-released it in 2011. If you want to hear where Christian rock originated this album is a great example.

1 – Picture Woman – 5:25
2 – Dry Ground – 3:49
3 – Baby You Lied – 6:03
4 – What Happened To Me – 2:37
5 – Third Eye – 4:50
6 – You & Me – 4:55
7 – It’s Been Set Down – 4:47
8 – Would You Believe – 4:17

Artwork – Dan Downs, Greg Waslo
Bass – Leon Wilson (2)
Drums – Fyl Jonzen
Engineer – Fyl Jonzen
Guitar – Mike Johnson (13)
Photography By, Cover, Design – Bill Metzger (2)
Vocals – Mike Johnson (13)

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis

Azitis – Help – 1971

The band was formed in 1966 by musicians Don Lower and Steve Nelson in the Sacramento area of California. They were joined by Dennis Sullivan and Michael Welch and hit the studio in 1969. They were still using the name “Help” but changed it to Azitis (pronounced “as it is”) before completing their album as there was a conflict with a British Band of the same name. Now this is where the story gets a little foggy. One version of the story is that while recording the album Dennis Sullivan fled the project which caused great distress for the record company, Elco Records, and ended up bankrupting said record company. Dennis disputes this story and quite frankly I believe him. I can’t see a label going bankrupt because a musician stepped away, it doesn’t make sense. Anyway what we have here is a “Psychedelic” 70’s album that the band envisioned as a Rock Opera and apparently the band was disappointed that the album was produced with breaks in between the tracks. It’s pretty good and many hold it out to be spectacular. I don’t get a spectacular feeling form it but it is very very good. Luckily MODO Publishing acquired the rights to the album and re-released it in 2000 with 2 bonus tracks. We have included those tracks in our playlist.

1 – (Creation) Lord I Saw You Cry – 6:06
2 – There Is An Answer – 3:44
3 – Who Will Be – 3:20
4 – The Prophet – 6:06
5 – Time Has Passed – 4:56
6 – From This Place – 3:24
7 – Hope To Save – 3:59
8 – Judgement Day – 4:46
Bonus Tracks
9 – Life Worth Living – 5:08
10 – Questions Why – 3:02

Artwork – James Gardner
Bass Guitar – Donald Lower
Design – Dennis Sullivan, Donald Lower, Michael Welch, Steve Nelson
Engineer – LaMont Bench, R.S. Owens
Guitar, Flute – Michael Welch
Organ, Piano – Dennis Sullivan
Percussion – Steve Nelson
Photography By – Randall Thornton
Producer, Liner Notes – John W. Cole
Supervised By – Roger Hamilton Spotts

Companies, etc.
Published By – Sina-G Music
Recorded At – Pavilion Studios Inc., Vallejo
Copyright © – MODO Publishing

Agape – Agape – 1971

This was one of the first Jesus music bands. They started inn 1968 and got their start by touring around California in their cliche Volkswagen van. In 1971 they went into the studio and this album was the result. They self released it but it was very popular as they had attained a strong following of christian youth. Their movement became a church of sorts and they kept reprinting this album. They did have a second album that I haven’t listened to yet but if it’s anything like I this one I can’t wait. This is a solid 70’s blues rock album and may actually be one of my favourites from that era. Fred Caban keeps the memory of the band going with a strong web presence and his own Facebook group. I’m guessing most people missed this one back in the day so give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

1 – Blind – 3:36
2 – Happy – 2:41
3 – Believe – 2:56
4 – Man – 3:32
5 – Trust – 4:01
6 – Freedom – 4:56
7 – Choose – 4:01
8 – Blood – 1:57
9 – Rejoice – 5:08

Bass – John Peckhart
Drums, Organ – Mike Jungkman
Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics By, Music By – Fred Caban
Producer – Marlin Jones
Producer, Engineer – Wally Duguid

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Abbey Sound Ltd.

Fraction – Moon Blood 1971/1999 – Full Album

We don’t often publish 70’s bands with no connection to the 80’s but this band is an exception due to how good it is. If you have one of the original copies of this album your pretty lucky as it is said that it only had 200 copies pressed and it sells in excess of $1000. That is a very small pressing and I wonder why a record label didn’t grab this release and give it a full release given the quality of it. I can only guess is that it just simply never crossed anyone’s desk. This is probably the best 70’s album I have ever heard. These guys were good, very good. Strangely none of them ever went on to do anything else. This completely mystifies me. Anyway it had several re-releases in the 90’s forward and a CD release in 1999 included 3 bonus tracks which we have included. Thanks to David Lowman for letting me know about this excellent album.

1 – Sanc-Divided – 3:51
2 – Come Out Of Her – 4:56
3 – Eye Of The Hurricane – 8:56
4 – Sons Come To Birth – 5:27
5 – This Bird (Sky High) – 8:11
CD Bonus Tracks
6 – Prisms – 4:23
7 – Dawning Light – 4:40
8 – Intercessor’s Blues – 3:55

Bass – Vic Hemme
Engineer [Recording] – Frank Kejmar
Guitar – Bob Meinel, Don Swanson
Percussion – Curt Swanson
Photography By – John Stanchfield
Producer – Fraction
Vocals, Concept By, Design – Jim Beach

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Modern Album, Burbank
Recorded At – Whitney Recording Studios

Mason Proffit – Movin’ Toward Happiness – 1971

You may not know Mason Proffit but I’m guessing you do know John and Terry Talbot. Well before these brothers started their solo CCM career they formed a band called Mason Proffit. This is either their 2nd or 3rd album, I can’t really tell because they released 2 albums in 1971. I must admit this is the first album I heard from Mason Proffit and wow. I simply can’t believe this is the Talbot brothers. Now you probably already know I am not a fan of the brothers but that’s because their style of music is not for me. I do however recognize that they are some of the most talented artists in the CCM industry. They are fantastic musicians and prolific song writers, but I have a new respect for them after listening to this album. They were great folk/country/rock band back in the 70’s and this is a fantastic album. If you want to hear where the Talbot brothers started out you need to listen to this album.

1 – Michael Dodge – 2:57
2 – Hard Luck Woman – 2:54
3 – Children – 2:48
4 – Hokey Joe Pony – 2:22
5 – Flying Arrow – 3:30
6 – Old Joe Clark – 4:01
7 – Let Me Know Where You’re Goin’ – 2:29
8 – Melinda – 3:56
9 – Good Friend Of Mary’s – 2:44
10 – He Loves Them – 3:31
11 – Everybody Was Wrong – 5:47

Acoustic Guitar – John Talbot, Terry Talbot
Arranged By – Mason Proffit
Artwork By [Cover Painting] – Julian Gilbert
Banjo – John Talbot
Bass – Tim Ayres
Dobro – John Talbot
Drums – Art Nash
Electric Guitar – John Talbot, Terry Talbot
Executive Producer – Bill Traut
Fiddle – Terry Talbot
Guitar – Ron Schuetter
Mixed By [Remixed By] – Martin Feldman, Terry Talbot
Other [Creative Assistance] – Ron Sales
Percussion – Art Nash
Photography By [Liner Photography] – Rich Dienethal
Piano – Terry Talbot
Producer – Mason Proffit
Recorded By – Mal Davis, Martin Feldman
Steel Guitar – John Talbot
Vocals – John Talbot, Ron Schuetter, Terry Talbot

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Paragon Recording Studios
Recorded At – Universal Recording Corp.
Remixed At – Streeterville Studios
Produced For – Dunwich Productions
Published By – Rolling Meadows Music
Made By – RCA Limited
Mastered At – RCA Studios, Toronto

Randy Matthews – Wish We’d All Been Ready – 1971

In 1971 Randy was the first CCM artist signed to Word records and this album was the result. If you’re used to Randy’s 80’s work this album might surprise you. It isn’t a rock album, it’s not even a seventies rock album. Randy started out as a folk artist so this is a folk album. Randy’s song writing skills shine on this album. He wrote 8 of the 12 tracks on the album. There are 3 cover songs on the album which is strange for a first album. The strangest of those covers was Larry Norman’s “Wish We’d All Been Ready” which even more strangely is the title track. This album even came out before Larry’s album with the song. I would love to hear how this song ended up on Randy’s album never mind being the title track.

1 – Plastic Clown – 4:52
2 – Empty My Soul – 3:48
3 – Refuge – 2:34
4 – Psalm 19 – 2:40
5 – When I Think Of The Cross – 2:03
6 – Here Comes Jesus – 3:10
7 – Children Come Together – 4:28
8 – Sunday Morning – 2:45
9 – Easy Movin’ – 4:20
10 – I Guess That I’ve Changed – 2:57
11 – Wish We’d All Been Ready – 2:08
12 – Hallelujah Brother – 3:02

Arranged By – Rick Powell
Cover – Bill Grine
Producer – Billy Ray Hearn

Love Song – Love Song – 1971

In February 1970 four hippies entered the Calvary Chapel Church in Costa Mesa, California and asked Pastor Chuck Smith if they could perform their music at the Monday Bible Study. That Pastor listened to them perform “Welcome Back” and this is where it started for one of the most important Jesus Music bands of the era. This is considered by many to be one of the most important Jesus Music/CCM albums of the 70’s. It is said they shaped the sound of the mid Seventies. I don’t think I would go quite that far but they were ahead of the curve in the early 70’s. Of course it was the members of Love Song that made the band what it was. The vocals were headed by Chuck Girard who had a long storied CCM career. Also on Vocals was Jay Truax who would go on to be in the The Richie Furay Band. Most of the other members went on to have solo smaller yet notable solo careers.

1 – A Love Song – 1:46
2 – Changes – 1:47
3 – Two Hands – 3:37
4 – Little Country Church – 2:39
5 – Freedom – 3:47
6 – Welcome Back – 4:38
7 – Front Seat, Back Seat – 3:00
8 – Let Us Be One – 3:13
9 – And The Wind Was Low – 3:25
10 – A Brand New Song – 2:33
11 – Feel The Love – 5:08
12 – A Love Song (Reprise) – 0:47

Artwork By [Design] – Kernie Erickson
Bass, Vocals – Jay Truax
Drums – John Raines
Engineer – Stan Ross
Engineer [Remix] – Eirik Wangberg
Guitar, Vocals – Bob Wall, Tom Coomes
Keyboards, Vocals – Chuck Girard
Music By – Chuck Girard, Jesse Johnston
Photography – Rolland Baker

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Myrrh Records
Published By – Dunamis Music

Randy Stonehill – Born Twice – 1971

This is Randy’s debut record from 1971 or maybe 1973. This copy is marked 1973. He has another release from 1973, “Get Me Out of Hollywood” but this isn’t that one.

Side one is a live recording that sounds a little like a church basement, but also a lot like an old school coffee house performance. The crowd is incredibly courteous, completely silent during the songs and responsive to each one. You can almost picture someone sitting in front of Randy holding a little microphone and a hand held cassette tape recorder. I think it was a higher quality affair than that, but it is this intimate.

Side two is a series of studio songs, several of which would later be recorded in more famous versions by Larry Norman. Some were released with different song titles. Larry produced this album, so it’s a little unclear how the songwriting credits were supposed to work. In particular, the song “Norman’s Kitchen” ended up on Larry’s 1990 album “Home At Last” titled “Sitting In My Kitchen”

This is a rarely heard treat that shows us the early start of Randy Stonehill, who is still going strong with a busy touring schedule over 45 years after recording this.

Track Listing:
1 – I Need You
2 – Hand In The Hand
3 – He’s Got The Whole World
4 – Help Me Lord
5 – Thank You
6 – Never Can Repay
7 – All Right Now
8 – Passing Stranger
9 – I Love You
10 – Christmas Time
11 – Norman’s Kitchen

Producer, Arranged By, Photography By – Larry Norman